Featured Contract progression


Is there a place I can see how many featured contracts I’ve completed (instead of manually counting the check marks)?

I ask because I believe there’s an unlock for doing 40.

Looking for something like a challenge where it keeps track of how many you’ve done/how many are left. Can’t seem to find anything like that


Select one of the featured contracts, inside the challenges tab, there is a ‘featured contracts’ subtab like this:

You can track your progress from here! :slight_smile:


Perfect, thank you!!!


Manually counting I have 16/17 featured contracts, but the challenge says I’m at 14?

Anybody else having trouble here?

They just added 10, there were 7 before… Unless completing them before they become “featured” is a thing… I didn’t do that for any of the new ones though


There is problem with some of the featured contracts not getting registered.
You need to play them again to get it added to a count for a challenge pack.
Maybe the ones which you played before challenge pack was activated. So if you know which of first lot you played in order, try to r3play them again. It will fix the problem.



Check my history in contracts mode. That could help narrow the search down for what you need to redo. Its either one of the five first featured contracts added after the launch or the two that was added with the launch


Thank you everyone.



I just wrote this on another thread, but might be good here too :slight_smile:

"Hey all! So, apparently, the Handyman Wrench is a little shy, and won’t show up when you complete the 15 featured contracts. We are aware of this, and we’ll make sure it gets un-shy and comes with the next game update… (aka It’s a bug, and we’re fixing it :heart: ) "


That actually helps a lot. Thanks man, xoxo


Uh oh, Clemens is drunk again


once I did the ten new ones it fixed itself and says 17 for me now, maybe same with you or hopefully, I didn’t get the handyman wrench like I was supposed to though.