Featured Contracts Submission Thread


The Long and Winding Road
Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

It’s a long and winding road. The two are miles apart. Any careless can smash all your hard work. Good luck.


PC: 1-03-3705942-30
Sapienza / World of Tomorrow

An easy contract stimulates players to figure out more creative solutions. Just like how they kill a Rocco.


The Duttie of A Gun-Holder
PC: 1-06-8805895-30
Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

Feature: When we go low, they go dead. But when we go high, they also can go dead.


I Thought He Was Still Alive
PC: 1-06-8805895-30
Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

Featured: Well actually this contract should be easy for masters. But for a newbie, it is fun to see they being confused cuz they don’t see an exit.


sorry its in bangkok.


The All-round Development
Colorado / Freedom Fighters

The Physics Robbery
Colorado / Freedom Fighters

Two interesting contracts, ummm… at least I think they’re fun.


I vote for All-round Dev.


A Fair Trial
Sapienza / Landslide

An interesting contract.


This contract was not created by me, but it was recommended by its creator on my YouTube channel. It’s a really good contract with some well placed targets. It does have an optional element (in the briefing), which role players may enjoy, but it is not a requirement of the contract for those who want to get a quick time.

Title: CICADA Comeback
Contract ID: 3-10-8193147-35
Creator: SixBead51602662 (Xbox)
Location: Hokkaido



Embrace the Sea
Sapienza / Landslide

An easy contract, your enemy is not bodyguards, but time and nature.


nicely done dude
i like that “nature enemy”


Here’s 2 contracts that might stand a chance to be featured.

I See You 2
Torres Piombo - In the clock tower
Luciano - At the top of at the tower at the ruins
Alberto and Germano - At the top of the tower at the mansion near the exit car
Andrea - Walks around the church


Man’s Not Hot

Target: Bodyguard at the auction balcony


One more.

Target is sitting at the sofa near the restroom.

I Lurke In The Darkness


Shadow Shinobi
PS4 ID: 2-10-4982591-94
Complication: No Disguise Change


Title: Can’t Be Bothered With Complications
Contract ID: 3-02-0620949-48 (Xbox), 2-02-8408033-94 (PS4), 1-02-2533422-02 (PC)
Location: Paris

A pretty simple and quick Paris speedrun contract.


Hunter and Hunted
Sapienza / Landslide

Thrilling and exciting!


PC Contract - I TOLD You About Stairs! - 1-08-0840835-76


Abel de Silverballer

ID: 2-08-8064550-82


So Much For Safety
XB1: 3-01-0982123-09
ICA Facility/The Final Test
These technicians think they’re soooo great! That Jacob in particular. Give him a clipboard and it goes straight to his head. It’d be a shame if he fell off that pedestal he puts himself on…


Whispering Hope
Hokkaido / Situs Inversus

An interesting contract, the difficulty is mainly in the first target, you have to think of ways to hide the body, of course, this is not necessary, the second target you can kill her in any way, such as electrocute, drowning…

The Nightmare Stalker
Bangkok / Club 27

At first glance this is a difficult contract, but if you think about it, you will find it is not difficult.