Featured/curated contracts

I’ve moaned about this once or twice but I thought I’d float the idea that 20 contracts a month is a bit too much so maybe should be reduced. To work out a decent run takes enough time out of one day that two every three days is just too much.

Yes, I don’t have to do them all, I realise, but the concept is still slightly off-putting. I’ve done them all, well, 169 of them with 52 outstanding right now as I’ve only just got to the April Fool lot.

Maybe some kind of up-front complexity grading system might help, one to three or five stars with one star being “final test contract” or “miami contract” and eleven stars being “fall season preview” so that we know what we’re letting ourselves in for before trying.

I’m sure I can’t be alone in wanting to do all of it and do all of it with five stars. It’s beginning to feel like a chore right now; the individual contracts are fun but the (admittedly-mostly-self-imposed) weight of expectation detracts.

Please don’t misunderstand - this stuff is all good, all community-orientated and so on and so forth. It could be that I’m just not very good at the game and it takes me 10 hours to do something where other people take 10 minutes. Or maybe I’m just a miserable git. Or something but maybe someone is going to agree!

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Star rating on difficulty can’t really be done; there’s no automated/independent way to come up with a difficulty rating, and if it’s up to the person submitting to rate it themselves it will be subjective and a lot of people will disagree with it; like I considered Grand Theft Bosco (It’s in curated batch after Fool’s Gambit) to be pretty easy, and so do most people on HMF, but on Reddit some people complained it was too hard just because it had no pacifications.

The way you tell how hard a contract is, is by looking at its briefing. If it has a lot of kill conditions and complications it’s probably a safe bet it won’t be too easy.

There does however need to be a star rating for all contracts based on how liked they are, with people up and downvoting (Or giving a rating out of 5 after completion, but like and dislike would be easier for IO to implement), so players can know to skip the crap ones


The up and downvoting would be pretty great. But for me 20 contracts a month is just not enough. But then again: I’m not that ambitious. I’m happy if I get SA on all contracts. Rarely try to improve my time. A better contract-search (up/downvote) would entertain me for a much longer time.

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Even if all featured contracts would be rated high to low, the completionist in me wouldn’t be able to leave even the worst ones unfinished without a 5-star-rating. If they’ve been selected, they must be completed. Who said a professional hitman’s job is always supposed to be fun?

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Featured contracts need no rating, they wouldn’t be featured if they weren’t top notch. :smirk:


I usally like most of the featured contracts. So I agree: there shouldn’t be a rating system for those. But for all the other contracts.

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Most of the time,but not always.
I still have memories about Fall Season Preview:2020 and they aren’t very pleasant.


I’m an extreme glutton for punishment. I’m not bragging but I’ve done them all SA, usually within a day or two after the posting. I don’t even know why, sometimes they frustrate me to no end but I still do them eventually. I have my firstborn coming in 2 weeks so I’ve really been doing as much as a I can, for now, lol.

Fall Season 2020/ Vatican Privilege are nightmare fuel.


Vatican Privilege is the most recent one I’ve done. With family and wanting to do things other than Hitman I struggle. Those I’ve done are silent assassin, with you there, and that bastard Paris contract you mention.

I have fond memories of Paris Fall Season. The fact that it was so memorable to many speaks for itself. Tough as nails but the solution was easily repeatable and there were even alternatives. Really made me push my limits and see the Paris mission I thought I knew so well with the eyes of a newbie.

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