February Featured Contracts - Lost Love

Only a Movie - @Formalk
Love and Death - @Agent420
Strike Two, You’re Out - @Ligox
No Love For Fortune - @I_LOVE_WOMBATS
The Longest Lost Love - @AgentJames
Bound by Blood - @Pootis.exe
Drowning Dorris - @Euler13
A Dozen Dead Roses - @TheContractor
Live Triangles - @GreekAgent
What is Love? - @PEA

Congrats to everyone featured!


let the love begin! :heartbeat:




Oh, my! You chose the ANY/ANY submission from me! Totally stoked!

Always a pleasure!



Thank you so much Clemens and IOI. Always an honor to have something featured for people to enjoy (hopefully). Best part about being featured, I get to see on YouTube how people destroy my contract with crazy tactics and strats.

Also…potential business idea. Bring back Sarajevo Six man. Could get some revenue here, plus I think it was only for playstation, back in the day.


Congrats to all who got featured!
@AgentJames Any/Any :heart_eyes: Time to experiment :+1:

Tyson Williams, the lovely life saver from Haven Island :rofl:

Woah :astonished:! I didn’t know it was possible to snipe the targets from there! Amazing!


Congrats @Euler13 Here is my run, not sure if its your intended solution…bit too much of RNG…not sure why no uses the second toilet in the same area.


Yay! That’s Featured #4 for me.


Wow, didn’t know there were that many “ways” to drown ppl :grin: GG!


01:29 “Drowning Dorris” By @Euler13 (Haven Island)
05:13 “Strike Two, You’re Out” By @Ligox (New York)
08:58 “The Long Lost Love Last Resort” By @AgentJames (Haven Island)
14:52 “Love Triangles” By @GreekAgent (Haven Island)
26:04 “Bound By Blood” By @Pootis.exe Paris)
37:29 “What Is Love?” By PEA (Paris)
43:02 “No Love For Fortune? Tell Her!” By @I_LOVE_WOMBATS (Marrakesh)
50:10 “Love And Death” By @DoubleDropUk (Sapienza/Landslide)
55:25 “A Dozen Dead Roses” By @TheContractor (Santa Fortuna)
01:07:55 “Only A Movie” By @Formalk (Mumbai)

Congrats to all featurettes, great stories overall, my favorite was the Vampire magician looking for his lost soul!


@Ligox nice contract and congrats to all who got featured :wink:


Thank you for playing my contract! The way you killed them was very exciting and clever indeed. Shooting the girl with sieker from inside the stall was nice.

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@GreekAgent I’m guessing that that you started at the pool and got all the items at the beginning of the run?


Great run Kenny !!! Thanks for playing!!! I liked the way you found and used 2 different starfish for the lifeguard lovers :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about to wait until ‘‘revealing’’ my intended run but that’s what I did to get all 3 items at once.

That was unexpected for me to get featured , because of the specific kill mehods with illegal items, but I am thankful anyway that Clemens picked this!! I really hope Agents won’t hate me for this one :stuck_out_tongue: but I totally get that it will annoy many as I stated while submitting…

P.S.Congratulations for your Haven ‘‘Long Lost Love Last Resort’’.What a great open ended contract !!! I might return to Any/Any next time :smiley:

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:astonished: that’s not what I was expecting! Wow!

The briefcase emetic at the very beginning isn’t something I would have thought of.


On what seemed to be most of the runs I tried for this - she won’t move from here. Until I brought an emetic mine… And yeah, that’s an emetic dart in her back, but people around her panicked too much.

There were 2 from the previous batch that seemed to be too hard/complicated and never finished them. The Isle of Sgail one and Sapienza.

Anyway, from what I’ve played (from this month), I’m liking these so far. Though I tend to start from the rightmost ones in the group and work my way left.

There’s too much RNG on the Roses one in Santa Fortuna. That’s where I stopped and will continue later.

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Glad you liked it! Nice run, under 1 minute. My original ideal ran ~2:00 due to changing disguise, but you managed to succesfully bypass that :laughing:
Really fun experience seeing so many different strats and creative runs. Congrats to all featured authors this month! I’ve been already SA’ing some contracts and needing another try for others.

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