Fiber Wire discussion

Now if we put aside the fact that strangling is way too fast, there comes the aesthetics and visuals.

Now we did lose the ability to tighten the wire to feel cool about it and It’s really unlikely that we get it back.

But can we at least see the wire around the victim’s neck? Now I’m not gonna pretend that’s easy to implement but this issue has been around since absolution.

Now that we have neck snap fibre wiring would be more inefficient that it ever was if they actually make it take a little longer. Knife could be a better alternative to both of these. Or simply eliminating using pistol. And it was always easier to kill people with knives in H2, H1 and H3.

Now this thread was supposed to be meant to plead for visible wire around victim’s necks but I guess we can turn it into general fibre wire discussion and how it can be improved in the next installments.

Or perhaps it’s perfect. What do you think?

I think the animation for strangling is trash and could be better.


Generally the FWire needs a complete overhaul in this game
Even Alekhines Gun (2010 budget game made by 8 people) has a visible fiber wire and better animations for it

I don’t mind it takes too long, its sooo satisfying to do :smile:
They could make it give more points than your normal pistol,knife kill if they want.

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The animation is complete garbage. My most hated animation from Absolution was the only one they kept. WHY. I’d rather have a proper animation than a visible wire.


Should be more like this :wink:

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There’s no point in making visible vire when animation is so ridiculiously fast.

Btw do you guys know they kept the second fiberwire animation from Absolution too? The one where 47 kicks victims in the back with his knee and then strangles them.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking about when I said the animation is trash. I mean if it was a little slower it would have been better.

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How do you trigger the different animations? Garrotte from a slightly different angle? I have only performed one garrotte animation. I still find it satisfying but the variety in contracts garrotte was brilliant.

It’s in the game, though if you reload a past save it’s gone for some reason.

Yep can confirm it’s still in the game, you have to be further away from the target in order to play this animation I think.

Also since no one talks about it. What do you guys think of the sound that play when you garrote someone? I think it’s utter trash and every time I hear it all I can think of is this:

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Unfortunately, until fibre-wiring is triggered with your mouse and you’re able to stretch it out beforehand I’ll always find myself underwhelmed with it’s present implementation. I’m really longing for the pre-Absolution days here.

With H6 they’ve sped up most of the animations, and while it makes things simpler for the impatient it’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, I agree with the idea of extending the time it takes to garotte people, as well as doing the same for disguises, given changing instantaneous is now.

A little realism wouldn’t hurt.


My biggest grip with fiber wire post Blood Money are two things,

1: To fast
2: Can’t stretch the fire before hand.

However i don’t mind the animations and i think they are more entertaining then the ones from past titles. Especially the jump & Knee to the back. Fiber wire and a pistol shot to the back of the head is still my favorit methods of getting the job done. Though the overall Fiber wire usage is a little underwhelming, i still think Absolution introducerede a great mechanic of instant fibre-wire drag.

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I’m not as bothered by the wire being invisible as I am the really fast animation. Imo, it should be a few seconds longer and we should have different animations for it. I miss how in BM we could have melee kills for seated targets too. You can still do it in this game but it turns into a standing animation and they clip through the chair…!

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The thing is if they make it longer neck snapping would be much more efficient.

Now in real world neck snapping takes a lot of strength and strangling might be easier for average killer. But 47 has super strength and is a strong man even if we don’t consider his origins.

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Maybe they could make it to when you start strangling you can sort of drag them around around the area while still alive then press the subdue key to finish them off? It would be different from neck snap in that you can move them around and not stuck kneeling down next to them. Sort of like in Metal Gear Solid series when you grab someone you can move them around out of sight then slit throat/choke out. I don’t know…I hate to see my favorite method be reduced to a 2 second kill… I’d be happy with the pre-absolution method too, like tightening it and then releasing with varied animations that play out

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WOW… that’s a really nice well done strangulation scene, with proper fiber wire.

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the one thing Alekhine’s Gun got right, and they had a budget of $25.00 !!! They even added a thing that if you don’t keep pressing the button , the victim fights his way out of the fibre wire.


I can only advise you to watch “Boardwalk Empire” its good like “Breaking Bad”, but the Setting (20s-40s during the Prohibition) is superior to BB :smile:

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Can we bring back the animation when 47 wraps the fiber wire around his hands before garroting someone. Also i want 47 to be shown applying a suppressor to his pistol. Can we also get an animation for 47 holstering his gun. Its seems like alot to ask for but i think as a loyal hitman fans we deserve these small things that help to reinforce immersion.

Visible wire and ability to tighten beforehand is something I don’t think anyone can say they don’t want.

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hey, that would be asking for too much. They gave us visible guns… :laughing:

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