Fiber Wire discussion

Yeah exactly. I love how they tease us with stuff like this in the cinematic trailer (legacy) then we can’t do it in game. So disappointing.


I’ve been thinking about ways to implement the “Tightening of the wire”-mechanic for reasons other than aesthetics only.

+ Good
- Bad

Tightening the wire:
+ Enables you to drag the body right after strangling the victim (i.e. this would not be baseline).
+ Causes you to strangle the victim faster (it’s already fast so perhaps just increase the baseline).
- Causes you to raise suspicion if seen.
- Causes a sound that will make in close proximity (1-2 meters?) NPC’s to turn around and investigate.


Good points. I would remove the NPC being able to hear it though as it’s supposed to be silent. Kind of defeats the purpose of sneaking up on someone if they’ll just turn around as you get ready to strangle them. Maybe if you were walking up to them with it ready they’d hear your footsteps but we don’t have that right now. It would be nice to hear it tighten though, for cool effect.

Agreed, the sound is absolutely terrible. It’s probably the biggest reason I find fiber wiring so much more satisfying in Absolution, unfortunately.

I don’t mind the sound but I never had a problem with the sound you get after killing barely notice it and I know a lot of people don’t like that either.

I didn’t want to make a new thread, so since this is a thread about Fiber Wire Discussion I’ll just post it here…

Would anyone in the future like to see some more content regarding the Fiber Wire?

For example; A “Challenge Pack” Contracts revolving around the Fiber Wire? The reward I suppose could just be the current Fiber Wire, but all gold and maybe the ability to use both lethal and non-lethal (KO/subdue)

Maybe something similar to Contracts mode, but Fiber Wire specific only? And in this mode only (not story missions or Contracts mode) it could have a tension meter or a series of random buttons you have to hit in order for the targets not to escape?

Basically you would have to keep the needle from going in the red. The needle would constantly be swaying back and forth and you have to control it to stay in the middle for maybe 10 seconds MAX

Or (for example PS4) you have to hold L2 and R2 the whole time while approaching your target. When you’re close enough you have to release both L2+R2. When target has the wire around them, a series of (always random) buttons appear and you have to hit them all correctly within a couple seconds. The random buttons could be something like

X,O,(square-square) X, (O-O-O)
(triangle-triangle-triangle) X, square, L1, O-O, X, R2

It would always be random, sometimes a lot of buttons, sometimes maybe only as little as 5. You would never know.

I wouldn’t see the harm in this. Again, it would only be like this in this mode the Fiber Wire would remain how it is during regular contacts mode and story missions. Just a way to spice up the Fiber Wire for people who want more interaction with the weapon.

FW Contracts could be

  • Eliminate X amount of targets within 5 minutes SA/SO.
  • Get 10 successful FW kills (without messing up) in a row.
  • FW Targets but do not hide bodies
  • FW X amount of targets hide only 2
  • Eliminate 1 target successfully within 60seconds SA/SO.
  • KO 2 targets with Fiber Wire and eliminate 1.
  • Eliminate a target with FW, then drag the corpse to a checkpoint without being seen (specific location that would be pinpointed on map)

Maybe even a 1st person mode (ghost mode) 2 people (in first person) have to try to be the first to Fiber Wire the other…


I don’t care about the visuals, but gameplay wise it needs to be redone. The old games were so stressful cause you had to prep the wire, walk slowly to the target, and strangle interrupted which took a long time.

Absolution onwards really took the tension out of fiber wiring.

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Exactly my point! Lol This is why I feel we should have a mode that puts a little more focus on the Fiber Wire.

I honestly don’t see why anyone would have an issue with it. If it’s not your cup of tea you don’t have to play it.

How the Fiber Wire is now would stay exactly how it is for regular contacts mode and story. “This mode” would just be there to add a little spice to the weapon. It’s a weapon that’s always been a part of the game and 47’s signature tool. It should get a slight bit more attention. And like you said, it does need to be redone. At the very least, make it more suspenseful how it used to be with tightening the wire. Simply pressing a button literally kills me, especially haha

Well ok, that’s one good example. However, we’re mainly talking about the “preparation” before the kill, rather than simply pressing a single button. It’s just too quick…

I wish there were more animations like in Silent Assassin, Contracts and BM. The one where 47 has the target on his back from behind was my favorite. Either more animations or at least double the time it takes now to eliminate with FW.

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Contracts is best about fiber wire animation, hands down.


Yup, BM used the same ones as well. We need more of those!


Bumping this just to better describe my idea posted above a few weeks ago.

The tension meter

Basically what I meant was something like that. The meter would constantly shake and you have to control it by keeping the bar steadily in the middle (too loose, or too tight would cause the target to escape the hold.) this could last for different times depending on difficulty

Casual: 5 seconds
Professional: 10 seconds
Master: 15 seconds

Or it could just be a set time for all difficulties. No problem…

I just think the Fiber Wire deserves a little bit more attention. What’s the problem with having a little “mini game” for just one weapon? I think that would be cool.

To further please…
in “settings” (if this is not your thing) have a “Fiber Wire Tension Meter” on/off

That way if you like it in its current state, turn it OFF. If you want to add a little something to the Fiber Wire experience; ON

I would absolutely love this so much! Please IO @Travis_IOI :pray:


I think just having the animations be lengthier as well as maybe adding 47 stretching it out as part of the animation would suffice. Making the wire visible was a good step in the right direction.


Absolutely, I totally agree with everything you just said. It’s way too quick right now. But I still feel it would be nice to have something like the “tension meter” I mentioned. A little mini game if you will. (Could also be tuned off in settings for people who like it how it currently is.) just a little something to give the player more of a suspenseful experience. Very fitting I think, especially for the type of weapon it is. That’s just me, I’m sure not everyone would agree and that’s fine. That’s why if they did this they could have the option to turn this Fiber Wire setting ON/OFF

Maybe in the animations have 47 kind of struggle and/or step back a bit to really pull his strength into the neck, etc. How about it?

Instead you could have like a spamming thing, where you keep tapping action button to successfully strangle the target (like subduing) and if you stop tapping/don’t frequently tap, the target is let go and compromised or whatnot, instead of just staying in a choke hold.


Yeah why not? Even something as simple as that would make a big difference (for me anyway)

Yeah, I also started to garrote Zoe Washington on Master and someone heard it? I thought it was practically silent, making no noise at all, but I may be wrong?

I would never even consider switching that on. Good god. Once again, Clover, you have proved that we are coming from completely different schools of thought on Hitman.

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This is by far my favourite and the best idea I’ve seen on the fibre wire topic so far. Keep it up Clover! Anyways, if there’s anything such as HITMAN Gods, I pray to them that this idea makes it for hitman 3!

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