Fiber Wire useless?

At least in Codename 47. cause that game is hard

Mostly, use the Pentagon Knife. It’s faster and easier to use. The fibre wire wasn’t paid much attention in C47 as it was basically a shooter game. Hitman slid into the stealth genre only after H2.


No it wasnt a shooter game at all. If you made too much mess, the game punishes you by charging you money for the amount of dead bodies you wasted and giving you warnings. If you still do it even more the game does it by emptying your bank account and resetting The game from start.
Plus all the missions and map designs are primarily focused on Stealth.


I always used the Fiber wire in Codename 47. I found out about the efficiency of knife much much later, now i use knife.

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I take it back. It wasn’t a pure stealth game.
I can’t recall, was there a suspicion meter in C47??

No there was no Suspicion Meter per say. But there was a notification Bar on the upper left that told you if someone was suspicious of you or other warning stuff:
Also The metal detectors Actually worked back then (Unlike HITMAN 2016) and knifes would not be able to pass through them. Only The Fiber Wire was able to pass through it.
@Prince_of_Pragmatism That was one of the benefits of using a fiber wire, so it wasn’t useless.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the enemy you’re knifing can yell and alert other people when you’re about to slit his throat.

I think the fiber wire is silent, and it has a nice animation that can sometimes help pull the enemy behind a wall, out of sight from others while you strangle.

There is a way to do it. You dont take out the knife until the very last moment. Adjust yourself while crouching behind the person and then take out the weapon and slit the throat at once.
It was also easier because of the scroll option in C:47. Weapon selection was much faster through the list.


What @KrugerSchmidts said.
Heck, you could even slit a dog’s throat from behind quietly in one of the titles. :slight_smile: I don’t remember which one.

EDIT: I think it was Hitman: Contracts.

But the fibre wire became 47s signature (again, you guys know what I’m talking about)
In H3, a couple of cool strangling animations were introduced, while, as far as I can remember, the knives got no new animations