FIFA World Cup 2018


Pretty surprised no-ones started a thread for this years world cup yet! Whos excited and who are we all supporting? Has your country qualified?



Credit schedule: Team FA

World Cup: Come on Croatia

Surprisingly Finland didn’t make it to tournament. I will now support Panama, Denmark and Argentina


Panama… what an unbelievable acheievement in getting to the WC, however I cant see them progressing instead of England or Belgium. Argentina though have the best player in the world.


Looking forward to this, starts tomorrow and since Norway didn’t make it (as usual :joy:) and I like english football (Manchester United of course :blush:) I have to support England :blush:.


Just looked, Norway not been there in 10 years, difficult for teams to qualify in Europe, so many groups. But yes! have a good feeling about England this year too.


The last time I had anything like good vibes about an England squad was back in France 98 when Glenda was at the helm. :smile:

I think Gareth Southgate has this current crop on a similar path. Still don’t think we’ll win it, but have a feeling there might be some good football played along the way compared to the corporate snooze-fests of recent tournaments, with some fresh young players like Griezmann looking to make a mark on the world stage.


Got a lot of strength in a lot of areas, just need to play with confidence, problem with our players there’s too much pressure. Harry Kanes one of the best strikers in the world, having flashbacks of him in the Iceland game scares me! the whole team were awful !

Im thinking QF’s minimum this time out.


On another note, Spain have just today sacked their manager… wow!


Couple of extra years in the Prem and now CL since then should hopefully help Kane out. :crossed_fingers:

England just can’t seem to play under the weight of expectation. Most of the team in the Iceland game were so burdened they couldn’t even take a good touch or complete basic passes; then Rashford strolled on for 10 minutes or whatever and was skipping round like a gazelle. :joy:

Think some of that comes from different factions in squads over the last couple of decades; while it’s not meltdown level like the Dutch, I sense it’s been quite fractured, going by end product and body language on the pitch in internationals over the years.


Hope so mate.

I remember a crazy stat from that game, when Rashford came on he completed more dribbles (or take on’s cant remember) in 10 minutes, than the whole team had completed in the first 80 mins. Incredible.

I agree. We’ve had and have top top top players, take a more recent one like Rooney. Arguably world class at some stage in his career but never done it on the international stage (although he holds the goal scoring record).

This team from Euro 2004 is a prime example;

What a team that was.

We just need to go out Monday and bury Tunisia, get a 3/4-0 win and set the standard for the Tournament



:belgium: :belgium: :belgium: Pour la Belgique.


I’m not. I host the football thread in this forum and around 65%, maybe much more, of what’s there is me talking with a wall. No one comments about UEFA finals or league standings. Not even sporadically. So I did not bump it because I figured it would be the same again


Take David James out of the mix :laughing:, and the amount of medals/trophies in that team is ridiculous. What a waste!


I’m largely unimpressed. The manager (or coach, because they’re only the same in the english league, outside international federations that is…) of an international federation as big as Spain is expected to dedicate full time to his selection. After Lopetegui was announced as next season’s head coach for Real Madrid, a team in a very unstable position as it is, just two days prior to the world cup, makes you know Lopetegui doesn’t even care to dedicate as manager of Spain if he decided to accept an offer for Madrid just like that.

My disgust of Madrid’s manager Florentino Pérez grows by the day. For that man there is nothing that doesn’t have a price, and nothing that you can’t pay for and then charge triple to sell it. Hiring an international manager prior to the world cup after your former record-breaking head coach resigned under pressure and disgustment? Yet another florentinada.


Looking forward to see Argentina Dominate.


Belgium’s going to kick Panama’s ass and then destroy Tunisia.


But not England’s :smirk:

Agreed! although he wasn’t bad in his Portsmouth days!

They’ve sacked him apparently because he never made the Spanish FA aware of his decision following the World Cup, which is ridiculous tbh, presumably they found out the same way of the rest of us.

Cant fault Zidane for resigning though, went out on a high winning the CL and lets face it they were miles behind Barca in La Liga, I think he’d made his mind up prior to the final, he’s left such a legacy there too, one of Madrid’s best managers in a short space of time.


You say that now, but the charts say…

Ya bastards’ll lose!


England 2 Belgium 1

You heard it here first!!!


Belgium strong, remove England.

Belgium has a win probability of 39%, and England has 32%