FIFA World Cup 2018


Stats aren’t important in these sort of games, if I’m not mistaken Wales knocked you guys out of the Euros 2 years ago winning 3-1 :smirk:

Prefer being the underdogs!

Still should be an exciting an interesting game with plenty of talent on show.


England will lose in embarrassing fashion to someone better, as is usually the case.

USA didn’t quality either for the first time in 30 years.


I’d dare say against someone worse who just happened to play better than bad.

Also, unsurprised about USA missing it. They think of football as a women’s sport (and mind you they have the best female selection on the history of the world because of it). They also detest flopping and slow paced sports… so all those 3 make it predictable that they’d fall off eventually, even in a confederation with about 6 other central american nations. Because those 6 or so nations DO fucking care for football.

Italy missing out is a major disaster if I’ve ever seen one. Calciopoli is felt even to this date.



Young squad. Not expecting us to win it outright but if anything that takes the pressure off us getting into the later rounds assuming we get out of the group stage.

Knowing us we’ll beat Belgium but lose to both Panama and Tunisia :joy:


:joy::joy: normally the case, they make it so difficult for themselves sometimes, convincing wins and against Tunisia and Panama and we go through regardless of the Belgium result


It’s not the expectation. You look at Spain and 90% of their squad are Real or Barca, Germany are all Dortmund or Bayern.

These guys play week in week out with their national team essentially, build a chemistry, understand their mindsets.

England have players spread all over the Prem because the money adds more diversity to the squads there, with fewer spots given to English players.

The problem is with our home league and the money involved.


Will be supporting England.

Getting out of the group stage is a must, aside from that I’m not really expecting much, just hope they can at least produce some entertaining football for a change… with Harry taking the golden boot of course! :stuck_out_tongue: (he won’t be taking the corners this time around!)

Will obviously be looking forward to the Belgium match as well… potentially could be 8 Spurs players on the pitch!

Outside of England, I have no real horse, but I’ll be hoping my boy Sonny can shine for S. Korea -although they have a real tough group with Germany, Mexico & Sweden.

Other than that, I just want to see a good, exciting tournament with the big stars playing to their potential… would be good to see Salah fully recovered for Egypt, Messi at his mercurial best… & Ronnie fit and not getting attacked by moths!

Football & tennis are my two favourite sports, so with the WC & Wimbledon coming up, safe to say I won’t be playing much Hitman for the next few weeks!


I agree. This is why Gerard and Lampard never got close to achieve what Xavi and Iniesta did. Talent doesn’t make a team.


Some of these bets are very tempting. This one looks like a guaranteed 20% return.



I agree with you to an extent, I just don’t think it tells the whole story. Though it spread out into a more general point, we were initially talking about the Iceland game; and if you go back to that game, there is a tangible draining of confidence which I believe is rooted in something more than just organisation, familiarity, or coaching. Also, despite those advantages, we’ve witnessed the deterioration of Spanish domination in recent years, as sometimes systems, philosophies, and generations of players are superseded by something new (as, domestically for example, the attacking philosophies of Wenger/Fergie were overtaken by Mourinho’s… pragmatism :joy:).

In the Iceland game there were professional players who tangibly forgot the very basics, like how to even trap a ball when the pressure took over; I strongly believe some of that stemmed from the press and fan culture in this country which has bubbled under the surface in almost every England generation I’ve watched going back to the Keegan era.

@Quinn - happy cake day!


Mine too and i’m looking forward to Wimbledon and I hope Roger Federer wins, French Open is over and FIA World Cup takes over, it can’t be any better than this and Tour de France bicycle race is also starting next month, lot’s of sports to watch this summer :smiley:.

Me neither, maybe Denmark, Sweden and Germany :smiley:.


Spain and Portugal guaranteed! Low odds though would need to be a big stake?

Belgium on paper have a ridiculous squad but never seem to be able to perform together on the big stage!

Eriksen’s Danish :wink:


Belgium have evolved quite substantially since then because they have an actual coach now.

But I don’t think England nor Belgium will be underdogs in this game. They’ll both have a shot at this. Should definitely be an interesting and crucial game for the fans!

Either way, Belgium and England can go a long way if they build up confidence during their first games. Technically and tactically they can surprise the bigger sides and potentially reach the semi-finals. At least that is the goal for us Belgians :wink:


I agree, however we have a secret weapon though;


I know the line Martinez was pushing, but does anyone know the real reason why this monster

didn’t get into the Belgian squad?


Awful decision! Almost as bad as not including Leroy Sane in the German squad


I have not been watching football for a while (i lost my interest in this sport) and probably i will excuse myself from this championship either. However i live and work one subway station away from Spartak Stadium. Is anyone going to visit this tournament?


Probably because he’s a smoker. Martinez never liked that fact, because according to him, people who play sports for a living should treat their body with care, and not ruin it by living an unhealthy life style.


Ok… it starts soon.

If the final isn’t Brazil - Germany, someone really really really fucked up. Can’t see anyone else winning this.


Purely for tactical reasons. Radja plays a prominent role in his club as a box-to-box midfielder. In the 3-4-3 line up that he set up, there isn’t really any place for him as Witsel already plays as pure number 6 (which Radja simply can’t do) and Debruyne assures the role of the box-to-box player (although he often starts deep and never gets inside the opponents penalty area).

So why not bring him as a substitute you might ask? Well this is probably why Martinez didn’t pick him because Radja (understandably) wanted as much of a prominent role as he has in Roma. If there wasn’t Kevin de Bruyne on the pitch, I’m sure Radja would have been in the squad as he would have filled his role well. But KDB is unfortunately for him a class above and a pivotal part in our build up play, so that’s why he is not in Russia as of today.

If Belgium fails at the WC, it certainly won’t be because of Radja’s absence.