FIFA World Cup 2018


I’m good, I have watched Wimbledon all day and evening :blush: and on saturday starts Tour de France, I whish I had 3 pair of eyes so I could follow all 3 sports events at the same time :joy:, But I think I have to squeeze in Sweden vs England somehow though :face_with_monocle: :smiley:.


Not again. I can’t handle that again. So much tension.


If we start with a two man midfield tomorrow, I’m pretty sure we’re going to get slaughtered by Brazil.

But if Martinez makes the right choices, it could be a close game. He should start with Dembele alongside Witsel to bring some physicality in the midfield. And if things really aren’t going our way by the end of the game, bring lord Fellaini in :wink:

Either way, we’ll probably see lots of goals.

Come on Belgium! Let’s get revenge for the injustice of 2002!


Let’s hope Russia’s luck has run out; should be an easy win for Croatia.


The way Modric is playing that Russian midfield is going to get a master class, Croatia goes through cruisin’


Looking forward to the games today. There’s such a contrast in quality between the two sides of the draw. :laughing:

Still enjoying the fallout from Moscow:

Gary Neville, three’s a crowd mate. :joy:


The talk about Russia in newspapers here is real. Then again, we lost to them.

People are very sketchy at the fact that the lowest ranked squad on the FIFA charts before the world cup has come this far while also showing extra-time focus and resiliance, even back on the group phase they were the team with the most distance traveled in their wins on Egypt and the Sauds. The suspicion on doping is getting louder. These guys aren’t playing this good because of local support, that much is clear. Just in the first game they played they scored twice as many goals than in the previous world cup.


Such a shame Cavani didn’t make it. I was really enjoying the match until the Varane header went in.
Credit to France though; despite the Muslera goal, they proved they had mettle, and a bit more to their game than just pace-counter.

@Supernova – Pure speculation and nothing to back this up, but something about the Russian performance in the opening match seemed really off to me.


I like how France is wearing it’s flag all over the clothes!


Wasn’t able to watch the match sat in the airport waiting for a flight , also miss the next match because I’ll be in the air :-1:t2: France look any good or Uruguay extremely poor?


You didn’t miss too much tbh. Uruguay were well organized for 40 minutes until Varane headed across Muslera from a Griezy FK. They had a great chance which Godin put over after a superb Lloris save. Then Muslera had a Karius-esque howler on about 60 minutes for the GG.


The Karius Vyrus is spreading, hold on to your goalies. Wasn’t able to see this one as well but the Brazil v Belgium not gonna miss it


Yeah team baguette :baguette_bread: :muscle: On est en demi ! Fier d’être français :fr:


Nice one cheers, think Belgium Brazil will be a cracking game. Gonna put a quiet word in with the captain see if he can keep me updated :joy::+1:t2:


Belgium already beating Brazil; fuck Neymar, he’s a prick, and I hope he loses so he gets knocked off his horse.


Belgium giving Brazil a lesson in attacking football! This could get embarrassing.

Lukaku on beast mode tonight.

Next goal decisive -Brazil score and it’s game on, Belgium score and it’s game over.


Lol Belgium beating Brazil


I am also skeptics on Russia’s success so far. They have a big history of doping at sporting events, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were doing it now.

Edit: Right now I’m a bit skeptical of Russian doping; but if they beat Croatia, I won’t be skeptical anymore, I’ll be almost sure of it.




There’s a brilliant doco called Icarus which looks at doping in Russia. Sends chills down your spine, really well made. Even though the lid has been blown off, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these practices continued. Russia’s hosting, so there’s clearly a lot of pressure on the team to exceed expectations.

They’ve definitely done that so far.