FIFA World Cup 2018


There’s a brilliant doco called Icarus which looks at doping in Russia. Sends chills down your spine, really well made. Even though the lid has been blown off, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these practices continued. Russia’s hosting, so there’s clearly a lot of pressure on the team to exceed expectations.

They’ve definitely done that so far.


Welp that just happened.


Yesssss! Fuck Neymar! The pricks getting what he deserves! Injury-faking, cheating bastard.


France v Belgium gonna be lit… winner of that match odds on favourites to be champions.


Great to see Belgium advancing to the semifinals! It’s going to be awesome seeing France vs. Belgium. Both have been great teams! :sunglasses: And my prediction of the score was right. :smiley:


Both teams have been killing it.


Congrats France and Belgium. Belgium’s goalie is a fucking beast. Mbappes dive is too fake. Yellow card to miss semis and guaranteed to play in finals. So Mbappe doesn’t get yellow card in semi. Manager doesn’t get slack either if they lose. Smart. Risky though.
Neymar No More :joy::joy:


Yeah, the guy cries wolf so often that if 47 actually shot him from the stands I’d think he was just looking for a penalty, even as security dragged him off the pitch in a bodybag. lol

Glad he’s gone. No respect for cheaters, regardless of how good they are as players.



Zlatan & Beck’s little wager…


So frustrating to see Neymar tarnish the Brazilian team like that; you could see second half what they’re capable of when in full flow. It’s crazy that there’s no SA representation in the SFs.

Anyway boys, just the mighty Sweden between us and the next round.




Yeah it stamps on true good and fair Brazilian players like Ronaldoinho

At topic...

In before Maradonna wears a Sweden shirt, cheering against England. Hope it’ll be a clean and fair game this time aound.


Yeah, no Swedish drug money. (Kidding of course)


Pewdiepie ad revenue :slight_smile:


IKEA furniture …


They’ll be bribing people with IKEA furniture. Paid off ref clearly needs a new flat pack.


Don’t be so stereotypical and racist. #NotAllIKEA


we’re gonna score 1 more than you!!!



Even that song is somewhat modest despite being a bragadocious anthem. Only one more? Not two or three?


One more gets you a win every single time. As on england fan I’d take that every step of the way