FIFA World Cup 2018


True, the modesty is just so hilariously English.

“we’ll beat you… But only just”


Yes! 0-1 by Harry Maguire! And England in the lead :boom: :grinning: (sorry Sweden :flushed:).


0-2 by Dele Alli and England is well on it’s way to the semifinals :boom::grinning:.



is in the semifinals, last time was in 1990! :clap: :+1: :v: :fireworks: :sparkler: :tada: :bomb: :boom: :blush:.


England leading but need to be a LOT more clinical in the final 3rd, if they don’t kill this match off Sweden will punish us.

Sterling & Dele have trash so far, need to step it up second half.


Sterling needs to fuck off, he’s shite. Ashley Young needs to retire and piss off as he can’t do anything. England was crap in the first half and Sweden actually attacked. I’ve noticed that the England team cannot attack dribble/skill 1v1 like Brazil/Portgual/Spain can.

I think England was slow still, they will need to speed up if they go against Belgium or France. At this point in time. All countries really deserve it. Russia is quite suspicious when comparing the facts of them to where they are.

And most importantly



What makes me suspicious is when you start using the word “facts”


Check pre WC FIFA charts and rated stats and compare them to FIFA WC stats



Now what do I do after that


Lol I swear if I see one more person post “ITS COMING HOME” on twitter I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.


Look at the numbers. They are irregular in general. There’s a probe from Doping. And Doping Chief of sports has basically said “you’d be a fool to not say they’re doping” from his experience.

Another argument has been said that it’s the furthest they’ve gone but I think that’s a silly argument as people have changed. Look at all these countries.


It’s not coming home yet guys. It might not even make it past immigration and customs in Brexit Britain


Still worse than Article 13.


Yeah I’m a downer, deal with it!


Well we got the result, but I didn’t see anything particularly special in that performance, in fact I thought we were quite poor especially in the final 3rd, it was only the fact that Sweden were so completely awful themselves & offered absolutely zero fight that we looked even half decent imo.
There wasn’t any of the usual nerve jangling tension associated with an England game, probably why I just don’t feel that excited at the moment, to me it doesn’t feel as special as '90 or '96 -maybe the win was just too easy or maybe I’m just being a party pooper :smile:

Anyway guess we’ll see who England’s SF opponents will be shortly!

Even I’m getting sick of this lol.


I’m English and it irritates me a bit, too. lol

How can “football” come home? The sentence doesn’t make sense in the current context.

But I suppose it’s catchier than “The World Cup is returning to the country that invented football, (even though the World Cup itself was made in Italy)!” Good luck working that into a pop-song’s chorus.


Viva Italia. World Cup Champs 2018!!!


Shit. It’s tied at 1-1. But then again, obviously the drugs aren’t working for them.


Extra time. Time to send Russia home…wait they’re already home.


Excellent (goal) result for Croatia. So pleased they (will) won against Russia. Fuck Russia.


damn jinxed em.

I was worried about the keeper. He was doing his best.


2-2! This shit cray!