FIFA World Cup 2018


By the power of the rakija; Croatia will win


Finally Russia are out of the tournament. They went further than they should have THB. But it’s done.

Thanks to Croatia for getting and excellent recent in a nail biter.

Amazing saves!


Well, rip England; you tried. But now Modrić, Rebić and the boys are coming for you



That Putin him in his place Sean


You said that about Sweden lol


I said I think; now I’m saying I’m sure.


Boiii please, only one thing coming and it’s…






Just read that some English fans went into an IKEA after the match and started throwing shit and jumping on furniture, acting like assholes. This is why England fans have a bad reputation, because they do shit like this.


Fucking disgusting if true, hope they get nicked/criminal record and have to pay for all damages.

Another reason why I get fed up of the “It’s coming home” chant -nothing fundamentally wrong with the song or the sentiment at heart, more so that’s it’s been hijacked by these loud, yobbish twats who can’t handle their drink and can’t recognize the line between a bit of friendly bantz and actual hooliganism. They cross over into ‘let’s put other nations/people down and ruin their shit to feel better about ourselves’ mentality. They need to stop buying into all this xenophobic/racist crap propagated by the British tabloid media.

Back to the football and I love this picture of the Swiss players laughing at Neymar, even his fellow pros acknowledge what a c**t he is :smile:


When he actually gets hurt (but that’ll never happen, hed probably die if that’s how he acts when it’s fake), people will hopefully still laugh, because it’s karma.


You;ve only noticed that now m8? They never were able to


you meant to say 0-2 for france ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no I know since forever and that’s why in this bracket we’re still here. Was hoping the young ones would do this by now. Sterling acts like he can and then panics and loses it. Eventually we’ll go against an actual skill control team which will be a challenge. Young really needs to go, yesterday he did nothing but 1 free kick and all the rest was passes.

Not good enough to win IMO


No i predicted a win for Suarez & co, but i was wrong. Did predict the Belgians to win over Brazil though :stuck_out_tongue:




With the summer we’ve had so far, it’s a shame this generation didn’t adopt this cheeky number instead of feckin’ ICH (or just create something new and more appropriate for the time!):

It was odd watching the England game yesterday. Quite a few old demons excised in the Colombia result, and it was obvious after about 20 minutes that Sweden weren’t bringing much. I liked the control though, and the assured performances at key moments when we could have potentially switched off and let them back in. A somewhat calm and unfamiliar-feeling England game, and I have a feeling it’ll be back to a nervy scramble against Croatia. :neutral_face:


How about this one?