FIFA World Cup 2018


How about this one?



I’m about to tell someone to feck off.


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Stop being bigoted. Not every or majority of English supporter does that or condones that. England’s team success is deserved on their own, not by supporters.

I read that as gassed lol


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That one was a joke, but the glassing isn’t.


Colombia does have cartels according to FBI, not a belief.

Why attack people?


They’re not paying the refs with it though.

I’m not encouraging it. Just hoping for a Richard Spencer moment, where they get the smug punched from their face.


Not now they had a shootout :joy:

Still that’s like back door condoning. Beat their ideas instead of physically hurting people. That guy should get criminal damage, fined, pubic intoxication and pubic menace for sure. He didn’t put anyone else at life risk. That’s when physical power need to be intervened, I would have hoped someone pull him off though. Shame.


It’s also on the people cheering him on doing nothing.


Yeah they should have pulled him down too. Also I noticed a thief there.


That’s the worst one. Smashing the car is bad enough, stealing is just fucking scum.

Edit: it’s also a stupid idea. The guy who fell through the roof almost cut his leg.


Meanwhile, in the French team :



No game till Wednesday :frowning:

And no more Croatia victories till Thursday :frowning:


FTFY :wink:




C’mon, now. That’s nonsense. Most England fans – i.e. most English people – are good people who deserve to see their football team succeed as much as any other group from any other nation.

It’s hypocritical for anyone to say, “Don’t judge all Columbians by the actions of a few drug runners,” and then with their next breath to judge all English fans by the actions of a few drunken louts.

Such reprobates represent, I would gladly wager, far less than one percent of any given group of people.


I said most, precisely because anyone could call me out on hypocrisy.