FIFA World Cup 2018




France vs Belgium has the potential to be Game of The Tournament, which means it’ll probably be shit


It’s been said before that stats mean nothing, hasn’t it? England aren’t good because they beat Sweden, Colombia, Panama, and Tunisia.


They’re not stats based purely on WC wins or it’ll be 50 / 50


It sucks that there’s no games until Wednesday.


Tuesday. Unless time zone malarkey


Yes, France vs Belgium is playing tomorrow kl. 20:00 and Croatia vs England is on wednesday kl. 20:00 :grinning:, it would be cool if Englang won on wednesday :blush:.


Whoops. 20 characters.


Its Monday and im still hungover from Saturday. If they actually get to the final the whole country will be in meltdown!
My prediction is a France vs England final.


You lightweight. :wink:

I’m also want France vs England. But a part of me wants Belgium and England so Pickford and Courtois can share notes on who has the worst defence.


Yea well the Tournament is shaping up pretty much like I had hoped even with the United States not in in.

As long as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Russia ain’t make it I’m happy.

Now to sit back and watch my France win it all.


Haha it was a heavy one mate that’s for sure! I can already feel next Mondays hangover if they make the final.

:joy: has to be Belgium surely?!!


Everyone thinking England will beat Croatia has me like :joy:


Well they haven’t actually played anyone good so far this tournament, so who knows.


Neither have England (Sweden doesn’t count.)


England have won a larger percentage of the previous meetings, both teams have much better squads now. Croatia been poor in their last 2 games struggling to beat Denmark and Russia

Based on that and only that. I believe an England win is more likely


As long England learn to think ahead 2 steps, then they would be good. So many times I see them pass the ball and stop in a “well I did my job” mentality. They need to pass, knowing the step his teammate is going to take and on that basis, be ready to attack before the other team know. They only see what’s ahead of them instead to thinking ahead.

Maybe England wants the highest received passing rate %. :joy:


It’s now or never for us.

Come on Belgium!


I think they way England set up wont favour Croatia. England have a lot of pace in the team and there back 4 have looked poor at times, they’ll play to flood the midfield as its were their strongest, Modric, Rakitic & Perisic are unplayable at times but we’ll see. England need to be at 100% as its definitely there biggest test yet.


Guys it is a quiz (here in Norway and I can win a Tissot Tour de France special edition watch :blush:), about how many times Belgium have been in the world cup finals, is it 0, 1 or 2?
Does someone know this?

That’s what I read as well, but:

I can only choose between 0, 1 or 2 :flushed:!? :joy:.


It looks like it’s 0?:

Agree, i’m confused as well, but from wikipedia it looks like Belgium have never played the final in the FIFA World Cup?

That was what I thought as well, so I answered 0, I never win quizzes like this, but i’m doing it just for the fun and it dosen’t cost anything :joy:.