FIFA World Cup 2018


I know, and “most” is precisely the word I took contention with. Close to zero is far nearer to the truth when you consider that almost everyone in our country is at present a devoted England supporter.

To say the English don’t deserve success because a few imbeciles are causing trouble is like saying a class of 50 schoolchildren doesn’t deserve to go to Disneyland because John and Lizzy have horrid manners.


I dunno about that. I mean, it’s nice to see everyone in good spirits but it also feels like because England are having a good run, there’s some sort of social expectation placed upon us all to toe the line, and not say anything that will rock the boat too much. Be quiet, support England and shut up.


I can’t speak for everyone, but all I’ve personally witnessed are lots of decent, ordinary people who are happy that their country is representing itself well – the same, I imagine, as you’d find in any other football-loving country in our present position.

I have encountered some people who are just sick to death of football in general and want the silly songs to stop, but that’s about it. lol


Not for me, Jeff. As much as I love a curry, I’ll take an E for England over a Vindaloo if given the choice. :wink:



France vs Belgium has the potential to be Game of The Tournament, which means it’ll probably be shit


It’s been said before that stats mean nothing, hasn’t it? England aren’t good because they beat Sweden, Colombia, Panama, and Tunisia.


They’re not stats based purely on WC wins or it’ll be 50 / 50


It sucks that there’s no games until Wednesday.


Tuesday. Unless time zone malarkey


Yes, France vs Belgium is playing tomorrow kl. 20:00 and Croatia vs England is on wednesday kl. 20:00 :grinning:, it would be cool if Englang won on wednesday :blush:.


Whoops. 20 characters.


Its Monday and im still hungover from Saturday. If they actually get to the final the whole country will be in meltdown!
My prediction is a France vs England final.


You lightweight. :wink:

I’m also want France vs England. But a part of me wants Belgium and England so Pickford and Courtois can share notes on who has the worst defence.


Yea well the Tournament is shaping up pretty much like I had hoped even with the United States not in in.

As long as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Russia ain’t make it I’m happy.

Now to sit back and watch my France win it all.


Haha it was a heavy one mate that’s for sure! I can already feel next Mondays hangover if they make the final.

:joy: has to be Belgium surely?!!


Everyone thinking England will beat Croatia has me like :joy:


Well they haven’t actually played anyone good so far this tournament, so who knows.


Neither have England (Sweden doesn’t count.)


England have won a larger percentage of the previous meetings, both teams have much better squads now. Croatia been poor in their last 2 games struggling to beat Denmark and Russia

Based on that and only that. I believe an England win is more likely