FIFA World Cup 2018


As long England learn to think ahead 2 steps, then they would be good. So many times I see them pass the ball and stop in a “well I did my job” mentality. They need to pass, knowing the step his teammate is going to take and on that basis, be ready to attack before the other team know. They only see what’s ahead of them instead to thinking ahead.

Maybe England wants the highest received passing rate %. :joy:


It’s now or never for us.

Come on Belgium!


I think they way England set up wont favour Croatia. England have a lot of pace in the team and there back 4 have looked poor at times, they’ll play to flood the midfield as its were their strongest, Modric, Rakitic & Perisic are unplayable at times but we’ll see. England need to be at 100% as its definitely there biggest test yet.


Guys it is a quiz (here in Norway and I can win a Tissot Tour de France special edition watch :blush:), about how many times Belgium have been in the world cup finals, is it 0, 1 or 2?
Does someone know this?

That’s what I read as well, but:

I can only choose between 0, 1 or 2 :flushed:!? :joy:.


It looks like it’s 0?:

Agree, i’m confused as well, but from wikipedia it looks like Belgium have never played the final in the FIFA World Cup?

That was what I thought as well, so I answered 0, I never win quizzes like this, but i’m doing it just for the fun and it dosen’t cost anything :joy:.


13 times


This is confusing.

They’ve qualified for the World Cup on 13 occasions as @GTAJJ states however they have only advanced to the knockout stages in the 1990, 2002, 2014 & 2018 WC’s (which would be 4) but it seems that answers not there either so im confused lol?

To add more confusion before 1986 the tournament layout was different there were 2 sets of group stages which was even more weird

@ingrobny In that case its 0, I got confused with your post as it send world cup finals (which is what they refer to as the final tournament after qualifying)


England hasn’t been that impressive either, think it will be a really close game.

Atm France are the clear favorites, with the Belgians as dark horse. Think the winner of tonight will win the whole thing


It’s zero times. We Dutchies know this very well since we’ve been in the final 3 times and won it zero times. So imagine the upset if the Belgians win it in their very first final ever.

I wouldn’t mind the Belgians winning it though.


I’ve been watching England at major tournaments for the last 20 years and this is the only time I feel that every single player in that starting 11 can come back with their heads held high and be proud of the performances. They’ve been the best ive ever seen England play at a major tournament


Same, and while i fully undestand that feeling, that isn’t much of an achievement is it? England has been terrible the last two decades, not hard to perform better.


That’s like saying “this is the best I’ve ever seen a man with no head do anything!” Lol


While we are on the subject, imo a big part of why England has been trash at world cups is due to the huge amount of foreign players in the premier league. Atleast lately we finally see some native players shining in the league, which automatically improves the national side.


Fully agree.

What does that even mean? :joy::joy: my point was I really got into football around 1998 and can remember that tournament, ive watched England at every tournament since and this is the best ive witnessed them play (and might I add the furthest) they’ve reached in that time.

And don’t give it the old ‘well England have only played pub teams’ or ‘England haven’t played anyone decent’ you can only beat the teams that are put in front of you. Belgium being the exception as he did make 8 changes.


That Dutch team though, we really should have won that wc, had insane players.

And that goal of Bergkamp vs argentina is still one of the best goals ever


I remember watching them against Croatia in the 3rd place play off game. Bergkamp what a player he was!, that was the one he scored in the last minute of the game wasn’t it? (against Argentina)


Bergkamp still the best player that ever graced the premier league. (Yes im biased but its undeniable hè was one of the best ever). That Arsenal team was amazing.

And ye, he made the winning 2 1 in the last minute after a 80m pass.


It means the best they can do is still not that good.


What kind of logic is that? England have done good enough to go to the semifinals, many said they wouldn’t even make it this far, so they have played beyond many peoples expectations, is England good enough to beat Croatia, France or Belgium? I don’t know, nobody knows that yet.

This is what I value more than good fotball, I choose results over performance and I think England are doing the same, but I can’t deny the biggest test will be against Croatia tomorrow :open_mouth:.


Ronaldo moved to Juventus for 100 million euros. They are all borrowing off each other. lol


What he probably meant is that England hasnt shown true good football so far, which i agree with.

In terms of results they already did better than expected.

So just a matter of how you look at it.