FIFA World Cup 2018


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Damn this is gonna be a close one.

If everyone on the pitch plays to their strengths though, I think I’m going to go with Belgium to just… just edge it.


I want Belgium to win, purely because I’m English and I’m born to hate the French /s


I want France to win, because if England beats Croatia tomorrow I think or hope France would be easier for England to beat in the final than Belgium.


It’ll be funny if ENG BEL happened again. Only this time they’re trying


Fun game to watch so far, both teams is attacking and wants to win.


I don’t really mind who wins this game. Whoever deserves it.

If England are going to be champions then, at some point, they have to rise to the occasion and beat the best teams. They can’t always count on the luck of the draw.

If they can’t beat Croatia, and then France or Belgium, then they don’t deserve it. If they can, then they do. Simple as.


Mbappè on top form this match. Great passes. Great Pace. Giroud has been very unlucky and paniced a lot.


Lol i dont, good and entertaining football > results. At the very end its about entertainment, to give the people who go to the stadium a good time.

Its why everyone still remembers the Dutch team of 74 while no one cares about the team that won the final against them.


Girouds scoring ability is trash


In this game deffo. At least get on target. He’s missing everything. Mbappè was disappointed in him too.


Just in general really, hes just poor at finishing. Hè has other qualities though that help the team


This is definitely the worst he’s played. I think he wants to score so badly but should leave it to the others.

Olivier Giroud has now played over seven hours of football at the 2018 World Cup (425 minutes) without managing a single shot on target.


Like i said, he is doo doo


At shooting yeah. Many goals have been his assists though. He needs to know his place


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Yes at finishing. I already mentioned he has other qualities


Wtf belgium got robbed of a fail.

Can Belgium keep their 2 year no loss streak?


@SeanBernowicz nervous mate?


I don’t know, I hope not, ca 4 min to score a goal, but now I fear France vs England instead :open_mouth: :joy:.


And Belgium is out of the World Cup.