FIFA World Cup 2018


Mbappe the twat. I don’t understand his random shit

France v ??? :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Really? players have been doing that for 60 years lol


Not when you have nothing to worry about lol


Romelu Lukaku wouldn’t get into Yeovil towns starting 11 how awful was he?


France defended very deep, very soon after taking the lead. Tough to break down.

I’m glad France didn’t score again right at the end. Belgium deserved at least a respectable loss.


The french are going all the way. I can feel it.

Bless you Frenchies


Yes, yes they have lol


Like what? The main challenge is done for France. They are the challenge now,


France gonna win this world cup guys :star_struck: Best french team since 2000 :muscle: :fr:


Congrats Les Bleus! :fr:

Very tight match, Belgium had good possession but France just a little more clinical and defended solidly, Varane played a blinder, Mbappé shining in the 2nd half.

France v ???


Good work France, can’t wait to see you get beat by England


That’s not gonna happen, they can’t stop us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahah, nothing wrong with the optimism, I hope the same, but i’m afraid for saying it out loud and when we do we should probably knock on wood everytime we say it :joy:.

Knock on wood :wink:.


Nah, cause I know if England faces France it won’t be coming home.


Nah mate, remember: it’s coming home :wink:


It’s been away so long that it probably had its citizenship revoked


It’s getting a work visa and a foreign exchange student grant


Nah, it got out during Brexit, like a sane person.


I really hope BBC is right about the game tomorrow:

  • Croatia
  • England

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