FIFA World Cup 2018


Everyone I know expected England to do terribly, but it been genuinely exiting seeing them get this far, and even though the “footballs coming home” meme is grating a lot of people at this point, I’ve never felt this level of people coming together for sport in England since the 2012 olympics.
I was Hyde park the other day seeing a gig, and the amount of people singing “footballs coming home” on the way out and on the tube, can’t help but put a smile on your face.


Cantona called Deschamps an accountant or something during qualification iirc. :laughing:

Pretty accurate, but it’s been a tournament of percentages and fine lines alongside some cracking games; that pragmatism could end up winning out even if it is negative. It’s nice to see Pogba flourish again in this tournament, and get back up to somewhere near where he was at in Italy - such a waste under Mourinho.


I mean sorry, but “it’s coming home” doesn’t even make any sense. Football was invented in SCOTLAND. But hey, what’s one more thing the English have stolen from the Scottish?


Counterpoint - A bunch of other people invaded an Ikea, smashed up ambulances and yelled “ENGLAAAND!” in the face of anyone who didn’t fit their arbitrary idea of what an “english” person should look like.

Football is weird


I didn’t know either, but this helped a bit, too long but please do read (:joy:)

As celebrations rage, and ahead of the team’s next bout, you may have noticed lots of English fans saying, “It’s coming home.” Here’s what the phrase means, and where it comes from.

“It’s coming home” makes up the chorus of the 1996 song “Three Lions,” by The Lightning Seeds. The song was created, with the help of comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, to commemorate England hosting the 1996 European Football Championship, its first hosting gig since the 1966 World Cup, according to the BBC. With lyrics like, “England’s gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away,” and “thirty years of hurt,” the song was meant to lovingly poke fun at the bittersweet existence of British soccer fans, according to the Independent.

The chorus’ iconic line refers to soccer returning to England, its birth home. The game officially branched off from rugby there in 1863, with the creation of the Football Association in England, according to FIFA. That group was soccer’s (or football’s) first governing body, FIFA says.

The song’s title, “Three Lions,” refers to the design depicted on English players’ jerseys.

Though the song is more than 20 years old, U.K. soccer fans still use “It’s coming home” as a rallying cry, echoing through stadiums and social media networks alike. Even David Baddiel, one of the comedians who helped create the song, has joined in the fun to celebrate England’s advancing team.

(for @Fortheseven :arrow_down_small: but it says England’s though)

England’s underdog team is set to face Croatia on Wednesday, July 11, at 2 p.m. ET.

Correction: July 10

This original version of this story misstated the region whose team made the World Cup semifinals. It is England, not the U.K.


Exactly and that’s why it’s given Ronaldo and Messi a run for their money and they lost. That’s also what’s made this cup a huge turnover because the old dogs… get old and new pups enter the basket. With the addition of them all thirsty for progression and passion to be where the legends are. The insights I posted are also quite irrelevant as it’s all based upon the other people with different stats and outcomes. So anyone could win.

Have you seen where Southgate conducts the fans as well? Absolute class. :joy:

According to FIFA, the world governing body of football, the contemporary history of the game began in 1863 in England, when rugby football and association football “branched off on their different courses” and the English Football Association (the FA) was formed as the sport’s first governing body.

And don’t start what country made what lol


yeah, its almost like there are bad eggs and horrible people no matter what the sport or event is.


Yeah, when Serena Williams lost at Wimbledon to a British player I clearly remember all the Tennis fans running into a McDonalds to trash it


errrr… yeah… i guess?
I don’t know what any of this has to do with my point about having a smile on my face, but thanks for pointing out the worst type of fans. Thanks for reminding us there are horrible people in the world.


When Escobar scored an own goal, when he returned to Colombia, a group of people killed him and yelled “GOALLLLL” while shooting him. Does that mean all we should now class citizens of Colombia that they kill their team over a mistake?


It’s almost like this is proving my point about Football turning people into irrational nationalist idiots or something


C’EST LA FOLIE ICI !!! :st_martin::st_martin::st_martin::soccer::fireworks::sparkler::sparkler::fireworks::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::champagne::champagne::champagne::st_martin::st_martin::st_martin:
France is up !!! We’re gonna win this one ! So unpredictable but… 20 years later, here we go again !!!
Congrats to Deschamps ! Every goal was due to a different player, what a team ! BRAVO !


Been busy this morning lads… just got back from the tattoo parlour…




:joy::joy::joy::joy: theres some crazy folks about aint there!

@SeanBernowicz you owe me a beer mate!


Very disappointed by the loss yesterday. But also very proud of the team and what they showed during this WC.

We thought we could finally make it as it was probably the last chance for us with this golden generation. But in the end we’re just Belgium, a country of eternal losers. That’s why we’re never gonna win anything.

I wish the best of luck to England, as they will probably make it to the final. I predict an English win if Southgate makes the right choices and exploits the left flank of the French like we did with Hazard in the first half. England will have the possession and if they can get a couple of corners and well placed freekicks, they will score (we had those as well but we couldn’t exploit them like the English can). It will be imperative for the English to score first and watch out for the counters. If they make it 1-0, France won’t come back as their build up is terrible and they are only effective on counters and freekicks/corners.

Either way, good luck England! I hope that it is indeed coming home for you guys :wink:


England has to step up their midfield game if they want to wind tonight, if they let Modric and Rakitic play with just a bit of freedom they will have trouble holding them off.

Congratulations to France on advancing to the final after a very good matchup with Belgium, who played well only thing missing was getting through Lloris.


Of course. In a few years man.


That’s gonna suck for you if they lose lol.


I don’t buy it that that’s real.


Starting to get excited (and a little nervous) now, looking forward to it though -men’s QF day at Wimbledon and then one of the biggest England matches of all time, doesn’t get much better.

I was talking with some friends about the whole “it’s coming home” thing and I said there’s one song and one song only that I want to be singing come Sunday night… it’s by Queen…

Aaaand I’ll refrain from posting it now in case I jinx anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: