FIFA World Cup 2018


Of course. In a few years man.


That’s gonna suck for you if they lose lol.


I don’t buy it that that’s real.


Starting to get excited (and a little nervous) now, looking forward to it though -men’s QF day at Wimbledon and then one of the biggest England matches of all time, doesn’t get much better.

I was talking with some friends about the whole “it’s coming home” thing and I said there’s one song and one song only that I want to be singing come Sunday night… it’s by Queen…

Aaaand I’ll refrain from posting it now in case I jinx anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You talking about the tattoo? It’s real okay:

What surprises me though, is that there’s no mention of alcohol or a wager of some kind involved… seems he just did it of his own free will lol! :open_mouth: :laughing:


And if England loose, he said he would probably tattoo this over Harry’s face:


I haven’t thought as far ahead to the final yet, but I’m sure we will come up with something.’ Don’t worry – he has anticipated the possibility that the tattoo’s optimism may not come to pass. ‘If we don’t win, I might have a tattoo of a red rubber stamp saying ‘void’ over the Harry Kane,’ he said. ‘Or I’m thinking of just going with it.

I think we all can agree on this :joy:, talk about jinxing, this is a serious one :grimacing: :joy:.

Agree at least it would be easier to throw in the garbage, it’s a bit harder to throw your leg in the garbage, it would at least require some sharp tools :grimacing: :joy:.


Ohhhhh my that’s quite the tattoo :joy: people never cease to amaze me, if they loose tonight against Croatia that will be a hard blow and this gentleman might have to go ahead and “void” that thing


Can’t watch tonight as I’m auditioning a drummer for the band I play in and I’m the only one in the group with at least a passing interest.

I’ll just forget about it until 8pm and then check my phone.


I don’t understand why a t-shirt or a ball cap wouldn’t have been enough.

Maybe even a nice paint job on the car- a flag.


There was a vid of a guy who out of his free will, accepted a bet that if his team losed he would get marked with a piece of hot iron, wich he did. Right in the chest. Can’t confirm if it was related to this event but it happened. Fanatism can be excessive at times.


I’m hoping for an England vs France final come Sunday, but we’ll see.


I was 14/15 when we were last in the semi-final of a World Cup; that was a wild summer, and this one isn’t far off it. :sunglasses: Watching the BBC coverage back this morning, I couldn’t help but see the glint in Lineker and Kilinsmann’s eyes as they reminisced on what it meant to be involved in 1990. You can argue the validity or relevance of football for the wider social framework all you like, but to me, and I’m sure many others, these players have a chance to cement their names in the fabric of their respective nations. That’s potentially another generation of Lineker, Beardsley, Barnes, Gascoigne, Shilton, Pearce, and on it goes. I hope some of this generation grasp that nettle.

I hope it’s not this.

Oh yeah - one last thing if anyone hasn’t seen it… Here’s how to win a WC QF:


Yeah, it’s crazy how much something like this can mean, especially to the youngsters… been 28 years and I can still recite every single member of that squad off by heart, as I’m sure most fans our age can.

Not the version I had in mind, but I’ll be singing (and dancing in a similar fashion) to that if we do win! :joy:

*On a sidenote, this Federer/Anderson match is approaching the 4hr mark and someone just yelled out “I need to watch the football!” :laughing:


Here we go guys, fingers crossed for England :blush:.


Yeeessss!!! Croatia 0 England 1!!! :bomb: :boom:


Phew, finally halftime and England is still in the lead.


Second half just started, hang in there England, you can do this.


Nooooooooooooooooo!!! Croatia 1 England 1!!! :cry:


Oh man… extra time :grimacing:.


First half of extra time is done, still 1-1 :grinning:.


Second half of extra time have started, come on England one goal and you will most likely avoid penalty shootout.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Croatia 2 England 1!!! :sob:


And England is down to 10 players, 3 min left :cry:.


Too bad England, you tried your best and it was fun as long it lasted :clap:.


Is Vida a neo-nazi?



No. He likes Ukraine and hates Russia. Like me.


No place for politics, this is football!


this referee is ass. He needs to get a hold of the game


One mistake. That’s all it took.


I answered the question asked.