FIFA World Cup 2018


Oh Dier.

(heh see what I did there)


It’s gone to penalties. Can England pull it off again? :crossed_fingers:
Edit: no it hasn’t :pensive:


No. This text will be blurred


He is out on the grass right now :wink:.

Eric Dier in - Jordan Henderson out.

I have no idea, the only thing I know is that it will be a thriller :open_mouth:, but first we have to finish the extra time :flushed:.


YES! Lifesaving goal from Mario Mandžukić!


Well I guess his Harry Kane tattoo is nullified.


It’s coming homen’t :cry:


Absolutely gutted, but every single one of those players can come home with there head held high. What a tournament its been


My heart goes out to the bum with the Tattoo-what a role model for his kids.

Too bad for the English.

Time for France to take home the glory.

Viva La France


It’s still coming home… just gonna have to wait another 20 years that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

Gutted of course, but congrats to Croatia, had the better legs and just that little extra bit of experience at the end of the day.

Still proud of the England team though, nobody realistically gave them a chance of getting past the second round, let alone the semis!

Still got a play off against Belgium to go… can hopefully get that 3rd place, but whatever, this still counts as a success and something to build upon.


Oh well, it was nice to see everyone happy for a few weeks there.

Back to complaining about the weather and disowning our friends over Brexit


used to be too cold and now it’s too hot, fuck me this is hard



Today it was all cold again


Like my heart. Every day.


Now all the dissecting of what went wrong will happen… of course it’s the Spurs boys that are going to get the most blame :laughing:

When we’re doing well it’s all one glorious nation, but lose and its straight back to the petty old club rivalries and media bias.

Don’t even care, this WC was still a great experience and learning curve for all the THFC lads.

Just hope now Hugo comes back to the new stadium as a World Cup winning captain.


Croatia paid the refs off with drug money and Goulash.


Season starts in a couple of weeks :clap: straight back into premier league action :heart_eyes: best sport in the world!

Why the hell do they play that 3rd place game anyway no point in it, and it’s just like rubbing salt into the wounds for the semi final losers


Goulash is Hungarian :wink: