Fight the EU copyright reform! EDIT: We lost


Found a map with more markers where demonstrations happen. Check it out and see if you happen to be close to one at that day:

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Why does Switzerland have protests? They aren’t even in the EU


As far as I heard it they plan to have a national law with comparable uploadfilters. I don’t know in which stage that bill is though.

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It is confirmed the final discussion will happen on the 26th this month and will be followed by the vote on that same day.

There is alot of lobbyism going on and I lost scope what to report here and what is more relefvant in Germany only. What I can share is this statement from David Kaye, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression of the UN, who is very concerned how the reform will have impact on the freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, Axel Voss, the rapporteur of the reform, finally admitted that filters are implied by the text and said more or less direct that YouTube should not exist anymore. Because it’s business model is about giving access to copyright protected works. (read: not explicitly illegal acces! This guy…) You can read alot of recent statements of this guy in this article here:


Lol, maps is in Dutch for me so ignore the post

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Good you speak about it, the map got many updates regarding the protests in exactly one week! I hope everyone who is near one is joining.


Yesterday there were protests to improve the teachers’ environment in the NL, so I was free :smiley:

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I hope some here were on the streets. It was a blast!

In Germany 160k people demonstrated the reform. I hope other countries like Poland also brought many on the streets.

Just to visualize the two sides of this debate:
Left, those who are against this reform, on the streets, with selfmade signs.
Right, supporters with champaign at some Paris event with champaign. And the signs were given.

I hope this day was a big warning for those MEPs who consider to support the reform at this point.


In roughly 15 hours the EU parliament will do the final vote.

There are rumors that Merkel has overridden the vote of the German minister of justice earlier (which was capable to stop the reform) because of a deal with France:

  • France wants a very restrictive copyright.
  • Germany wants Nord Stream 2, a gas pipe line from Russia.
  • Germany, 21.01.19: “We wil fight for an exception for smaller companies in the copyrightreform!”
  • France apparently does not support that exception anymore.
  • Germany 22.01.19: “Nevermind, we kepp it all like it is now.”
  • France, 30.01.19: “We don’t want Nord Stream 2.”
  • 08.02.19: Germany and France found comprimise for Nord Stream 2
  • mid February: Merkel stopps German minister of justice to vote against Article13

Summary: Merkel might have sold the Internet for Russian gas.


Meanwhile, the president of the ALDE group, the group of liberal parties in the EU, blocked the discussion regarding the copyright reform today. The president, Guy Verhofstadt, decided that the groups official voting recommendation will be in favor of the reform.
That is very sad and very concerning, however there is no obligation to vote in accordance with party policies, so liberal MEPs can vote however they want. I know at least the German and Austrian ones will vote against it.

EDIT: Just in, two Swedish social democrats claimed to vote in favor of the reform, despite saying otherwise in the past. Claus Strandberg, is that you?


Prepare to download some region spoofers I guess. …

The only thing I learned for sure is that @Urben is a guy who fights to the end. :fist:


To the very end and beyond that! :fist:

If that one passes, I spend my energy to teach people how to use VPNs or TOR. Who knows, maybe some good hidden services appear there the next year? It is not like there aren’t enough reasons to go dark anyway.

It is just way slower as the usual net, which will be a bottle neck. :thinking:


The reform just passed EU legislation, with 348 to 274.

The previous vote for changes (like kick Article13) was only missing 3 votes.

Can’t wait to see which MEPs are traitors.


I’m ready, Sensei.

This text will be blurred


Can smeone put long story short: what’s going on here?
What reform is this? What do you need VPN for now?

P.S.: browser Opera has built-in VPN, just in case

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More or less, it will force websites to have their own filters (like, for example, youtube) to check what is original content (and website will be responsible for user writes, not the user who wrote post) or not, but it opens door for heavy censorship straight out of CCCP. What this whole reform means is that EU in 2 years from now could have internet just like Russia and China - you will only be able to see what goverment wants you to read/watch. Youtube might be banned because of that, because they might not want to waste millions/billions to make their filters better, among other sites.
Directives can be in effect from now to 2 years - that’s how much time each EU country has to prepare for it.
As for VPN - for now it seems like good option, but who said they won’t make it illegal?
For example, VPN in Saudi Arabia is actually forbidden by law.

That’s really sad news :frowning:


Yeah, that’s crap…


So this could actually be the only good reason for the UK to leave the EU :joy:


I already knew it would pass, that’s why Brexit happened, EU is slowly becoming a tiranic state, it won’t be long until they become something like china, but people are heavily brainwashed, they will support it anyway


The next idea in the EU will be Uploadfilters against terrorism. Now with these against copyright infringements being in, it is hard to argue why for terrorism they should not come too. The other way around would be way easier.
An idea from Germany is also to criminalize using the Darknet (like Tor).

Using VPN or Tor is no real solution, it is only limiting the damage because it is not only who the platform things you are, it also matters what the user does whose content you want to access. If your favorite YouTube or Twitch guy is from europe, you might not see his content again. Because he/she is not using a VPN.

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Please, this part is an exaggeration. You know nothing of what the CCCP was like if you think this is anywhere close to that.

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