Fight the EU copyright reform!


I used the quote because it was appropriate the name attached to it means nothing, the meaning behind it is valid. I could have said the Martian Manhunter said it, it would still at least be relevant to the discussion at hand.


A little update, some trilogues (closed door negotiations between the EU parliament, the commission and the governments) happened by now to find a final version of the copyright directive. The last one is supposed to happen at the 21st of January.

On the 19th there will be new demonstrations again. And despite them turning out small again, I can only insist to spend that saturday there if you happen to be at one of the locations. I found this link with the list:

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A little update on what is finalized, what isn’t and when will be the next steps in the process.

January 21 — Trilogue negotiations between Parliament and Council: Attempt to finalise the text
March/April — Final vote in the Council
March 25-28, or possibly March 11-14 , April 4 or April 15-18 (tbd) — Final vote in the European Parliament

March 23-26 are the european elections, will be interesting if a new parliament is doing the final vote. I expect them being more right-wing than the current one which, if I may note, would come in favour ditching this. Though I don’t know if this makes the EFDD (eurosceptic right-wing) grow as much as the ENF (far-right).
But if the vote is post-elections, one has to be aware there are then sitting politicians in the seats who are yet clueless about the matter and might just vote ‘yes’ for the creative industry.

For reference, here their voting behaviour in September:

Things I find worth noticing being finalized:

FINAL Article 13 applies to internet platforms that organise and promote large amounts of copyright-protected works uploaded by their users in order to make a profit.

  • Note that “copyright-protected” does not mean “copyright- infringing ”! All creative texts, photos, videos etc. are automatically copyrighted, so this applies to all platforms where users express themselves, like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, Twitch, Wattpad, Imgur, Giphy, etc. etc.

FINAL These platorms are liable for copyright infringement by their users.

  • This is the core provision: Legally, anything we post to platforms will be treated as if employees of the platform had uploaded it themselves. If even a single user commits a copyright infringement, it will be viewed as if the platform had done so itself. This will force platforms to take drastic measures, since they can never say for certain which of our posts or uploads will expose them to costly liability. They may well need to restrict who is allowed to post/upload content in the first place, demand personal identification from uploaders and/or block most uploads using overly strict filters to be on the safe side.


Update, something good happened just an hour ago.
The European Council canceled the next Trilogue date because the governments cannot find a common ground on Article 13 and 11. (Uploadfilters and Linktax)

This means the process gets delayed. The Council’s task is now to find a new final draft they can agree on. They will then announce a new date to meet for the last Trilogue session. If they are not quick enough, which seems likely, this will happen after the elections.