Find-the-Location Forum Game


This is a forum game. Let’s see how you like it!

First someone posts a picture of a map detail in any Hitman game.
Whoever can provide a screenshot of the same detail is next with posting a place others have to find. Simple, isn’t it? You are allowed to lightly edit the picture like removing 47 or making it black/white if the color scheme is making it too obvious.

I start. Made the screen a bit brighter.


Judging by the high quality of the sign, I’m going to guess this is from either Absolution or Season One. I can’t think of any location in Season One with this, so I’m going to guess the Catholic orphanage from Absolution.



Nice Game idea Urben


I’ll post something later, don’t have time now :smiley:



This is a really cool idea, @Urben.


Random guess-Flatline?


You have to find the place and take a screenshot.


My mistake,I’m not close to my PC atm,might do it later


@Urben very nice idea man, seriously! This is just awesome! :+1:


Looks like A New Life. The room near the garage. I can’t make a screenshot though


Then don’t answer. You’re missing the point of the game. :wink:


I agree that this is a great idea.

I have one, this might be too easy but whatever…



I like how everyone basically just ignored @Beldingford’s screenshot


I like how everyone basically just ignored @Beldingford’s screenshot

@AGENT_58 Guessed Flatline. Which I also believe it to be. It’s the laundry room under the asylum if I remember rightly.

Edit: I’m firing up Blood Money to confirm this…


Well, you still need a screenshot so… :man_shrugging:


Incoming, stand by… :rofl:


@anon71469955 @Beldingford

Turns out it’s not Flatline, no such laundry machine exists that I can see…

Those same barrels are there though, just without the blue…


The search continues!


@anon71469955 @Beldingford


It is indeed from “A New Life” though credit for this one goes to @UnitedFyodor


You see, thats why just guessing the location is not as cool as going for the search oneself! :smiley: