Find-the-Location Forum Game


The server room from Tubeway Torpedo in Hitman 2. The Russian was a bit of a giveaway. I’ll post a new screenshot within an hour.


Lol nevermind I didn’t see he posted that pic already



Yep, the Russian was a massive giveaway… I said it was easy! :rofl:

Pretty sure there’ll be a lot more Russian text in that game though, there’s a lot of Russia in HM2!


You are right, but there aren’t that many Russian missions. I guessed Tubeway Torpedo because I couldn’t think of another mission with a screen like that. I’m curious to see how easy or not so easy mine turns out to be.


Correction: There’s a lot of Russian in HM2… You’re correct, I think only 3-4 of the missions take place in Russia if my memory serves me. I think there’s a few more computer screens on that same map though (in a security room I think)… It’s been some time since I played HM2 honestly.




Nice! Could you also specify the mission and location for everyone’s benefit?


Beldingford Manor, Alister’s room.


It may be difficult


I’m disappointed in everyone who doesn’t know that. :wink:


Really nice game @Urben.



I dunno. I think if we used more H6 screens, more ppl would play. I can’t play unless it’s an H6 scene.


I agree. HITMAN is fresh in everyone’s mind.

I’m the other way around unfortunately.


Maybe we should split it? Was unsure when creating too.


I guess that would make sense


Ok, I’m happy to oblige.


A little help, picture of mine is from Absolution.


Well, I guessed the game, but I haven’t found it.


Might be even harder if people didn’t checked that area. It’s in a small level.