Find-the-Location Forum Game


I can’t figure it out. But is it any of the Bangkok levels?


Well, that is kinda obvious because of the vivid post-filter :smiley:
Unfortunately I can’t participate, because Absolution hate my PC as much as I hate it (and even more, because some of the levels from A is cool)

I can only guess that it’s from “One of a Kind” level.


That’s right. Nice job.


Why are you telling this to everyone instead of taking the screenshot yourself? :thinking: Or just…letting it be. :wink:


As I said before, Absolution runs like shit for me :smiley: Sometimes it doesn’t even start the level.


I assume you haven’t played HITMAN either.


Nah, H2016 runs fine :smiley:

Absolution worked ok on the release but after some time it’s just start crashing and freezing.
I replayed it a bit before H2016 release, and that was a torture.


I will tell you the level, if you really want. But I’ll give you a clue first;

It’s in a bathroom.

(That is the English form of “bathroom” btw, not the American form. i.e. the room contains a bath)


Ooh I know where it is, I remember seeing it. But cannot play atm. Cmon guys :smiley:


Got it and that previous one too.

Now guess this, please don’t reveal it if you’re not going to post a pic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew it was Bangkok. Totally forgot about that bathroom. Lol.


Ok, you found it…



Your pic is from HITMAN or Absolution?


It’s from HITMAN.


Found it:

Panel from “BATMAN World’s Finest” Issue no. 153…

Wait… wrong game. :stuck_out_tongue:



Let’s continue


The lamp gave it away for me.
I’ll grab an image now.


Find this poster