First 3 Hitman games: Which one should I get?

So, I have every game including and after Blood Money. Now I am thinking of getting another, so the question is: C47, SA, or Contracts?

Basically I care about:
Controls are pretty important to me so if the first two games have stupid controls, then that would make me interested in Contracts.
Missions should be non-linear (as much as possible) and have a good atmosphere and design in general.
Anything else you think I should know

Get Contracts and never look back.


It’s a good question, Codename 47 holds a special place in the harts of many fans, but it’s also dated. Some of the sections of the game might not work and some actions might make the game crash.

Silent Assassin is my favorit, but it can be hard to get into. It’s not a forgiving game.

Contracts is a good place to start with the old games, it retells some of the missions from Codename 47 and it’ setting up the plot of BM.

I would say either SA or Contracts.


Get all of them, they are sold in a Box with Blood Money for like 5€ in every store here.


Amazon sell them all for 9,99€, just get them all and enjoy 3 wonderful Games and Blood Money


Get all three, if possible.


Controls are changeable, so it’s fine.
Possibly the best music.
Gameplay (disguise system) is more like BM and recent games - as long as you don’t do illegal actions, disguise is fine.
Atmosphere - awesome. Ort-Meyer’s VA is god.
You can purchase assassination stuff for money!
There is some linearity indeed. Some missions, well, kinda wasted potential.
Jungle missions have some boring running, the weakest spot.
The only game crash I had was on pirate version, Steam is fine.


Have 20 (!) missions
Plot is not bad
Awesome ending, only game where 47’s character is developing
Gameplay is hard, frustrating, but challenging.
Except Hayamoto missions, they are “jungles” of this game, but worse
Dusguise system - more like Contracts and Absolution, guards can compromise your disguise if they look long enough. Or if you are running, lmao.


The least linear out of those three games. Some targets have plenty of ways to be assassinated.
Arguable atmosphere. I don’t like it, but it seems everybody loves the worst colour gamma in franchise, because it’s so dark, depressin, got it?
The only good part about atmosphere is the very beginning of the first level, imo.
Disguise system is almost same as H2:SA. Hard, frustrating, challenging.
No plot. Like, at all.
You can’t choose weapons for missions!

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Codename 47 doesn’t have a save system and I never liked it’s map, which were always my biggest problems with it. Sure, even in 2000 the graphics weren’t that impressive, so it hasn’t visually aged as well as the other games.

I think you should still play all three, preferably in chronological order.

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I find Contracts is the most fluid and enjoyable and feels a lot more like Blood Money than the first two games. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is really hard on the first play through especially given disguises are a lot less helpful than in other games. Once you understand how anaesthetic works and the detection radius of guards though I am sure you will start having fun. H2 SA is easily the most diverse game in the series and has the best character development of 47. While I prefer Contracts because of the ease of playing and grander level design. H2 SA is great too. I can’t speak for C47 as I haven’t played it but I would say it depends what you are after. If you want a brutal challenge with a greater emphasis on story and more charm play hitman 2, if you want a fairly difficult yet fun set of standard well made missions, play Contracts. Don’t play C47 until you have played the others.

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Contracts. No more needs to be said.

Unless, you want a decent Hitman story? If so, in the entire history of Hitman (imho), none have a better story/plot than H2:SA.

But seriously, Contracts.


I do not share the love of people to the “silent assassin” story. In my opinion, this is quite a controversial story at the level of “Absolution”, where they tried to endow 47 with more human features. The whole story about the feeling of guilt, trying to go to a monastery and start a peaceful life for me looked completely implausible. The castle, which hides the ninja with katanas in my opinion the absurd level of the “attack of the saints.”
I really do not understand why people love this controversial story.


you say this as if that would be a good thing. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s dialogue like this:

“Always knew I didn’t belong in this world. I wasn’t made for this. But I’ll never forget those who betrayed me, and those who never failed my trust. I’ll be carrying nothing from Gontranno but this lesson: never trust anyone and rely on your instincts. Forget the past. I’ll never find peace here. So, I’ll seek justice for myself. I’ll choose the truth I like."

I actually appreciate Absolution’s plot but still find it weaker than H2:SA (beyond the gameplay).

That said, I’m not claiming H2:SA is Shakespearean level. Just think in terms of story and writing, it’s the best in the history of Hitman.


I’m sorry but that is. Blood Money is by no means the best game in the franchise despite what video game media would suggest however it was the game which took the franchise into the next level of fluid, more open ended levels with a greater emphasis on ease of play rather than keeping it impossible for the die hard fans who played C47 in 2000. I think Contracts is the perfect balance of Blood Money gameplay and the first 2 games’ difficulty.


Agree, I like Blood Money, but the amount of unabashed glorification of BM bugs the heck out of me.

I would argue that much of the ambiance and themes that Hitman fans love so much (looking at BM lovers the most) actually comes from H2:SA and Contracts than BM.

Still love BM but the total complete love for the game as if it were the “greatest,” has always bothered me. Because it ain’t true.


same here. Blood Money isnt a terrible terrible Game - its just my least favorite Game in a Series of awesome Games. And its also fun to anger the BM Fanboys a bit.

wow. so almost no one cares about C47, because it came out in 2000 so this game is unplayable!!!

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I liked much more Codename 47 story, where the 47 just kills big criminal bosses to find out later that they were linked together and all the killings were ordered by one person directly related to origin 47.
Both, H2:SA&Absolution for me are determined by one phrase - “out of character”. I just do not find a plausible attempt to portray the merciless, unemotional killer more humane. Ninjas in castle and “The Saints” also looked too ridiculous. In my opinion this is not the best story. But I liked the ending and its final monologue, though.
As for the gameplay, SA was certainly a big step forward in the right direction.

Hitman: Codename 47 aged very well and is perfectly playable to this day. I would heartily recommend it to the OP.

I find it the easiest game to get back into myself.


I would go with Silent Assassin (Hitman 2.)

Codename 47 has a completely different type of controls and gameplay, which are really unforgiving, and you cant safe, at no point. Contracts has all the improvements from Silent Assassin, like saving, bigger missions and a reworked controls, but its really dark, rainy, no real story, and it reuses many missions from Codename 47.

Silent Assassin on the other hand has a nice little story, good missions, the best music from all the three, (just the credits are awesome enough) and you get rewarded for being a silent assassin in a better way any other Hitman game did, at least in my opinion.

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I’m sorry but this is objectively wrong.
C:47 has the most forgiving disguise system possible, for starters, so even the handful of hostile maps shouldn’t pose a big problem.


No! I always get compromised when I trespass or use guns I shouldn’t, it’s so broken, glitched and inconsistent…

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