First 5 Featured Contracts (Dec 6th 2018)


  • The Valiant Little Tailor by @Wesker
  • Exchange Of Professions by me
  • Unrelated Workplace Accidents by Pentadact
  • Garbage Day!!! by @Nakar
  • Aeon Of Strife by @Golem25

The allcaps titles make it a game of guess which words are capitalized…


I’m featured?!


My day has been made :smile: and to think that was the first Contract I made for H2!

'Grats to @Wesker, @Urben, and @Nakar too, great company to be in!


By the order of the contracts you are also the very first one who got featured. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! Pretty happy that I got featured. Thanks!
And happy in general that there actually ARE featured contracts that we can play. Looking forward to play those because Xbox contracts are quite sparse. :frowning:


the first one was little difficult :slight_smile:


I like the idea of there being fewer Featured Contracts. The sheer number was always overwhelming for me. And it might open up new possibilities for themed collections, doing a closer quality check, etc.

BTW, Pentadact, the author of one of this group’s contracts, is Tom Francis. He’s the creator of the (excellent) video games Gunpoint and Heat Signature, a contributor to the game site Rock Paper Shotgun, and a regular on the very good Crate and Crowbar podcast about video games. He’s a big fan of games with a ton of systems that produce unique storytelling moments (which he tries to play up in his own games), so he’s long been a fan of the new Hitman games. It’s cool to see him get a Featured.


(You can see where the capital letters in the titles go if you click through to the contract. The title will be displayed correctly in the upper left.)


I could tell the middle one would be a featured contract from like 3000 miles over

Almost like the theme of the featured contracts was based around it or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Hold up…propane tanks actually FREAKIN count as accident kills!!? I maybe mistaken but in Season 1 I recall propane tanks compromising your no body found bonus? Or was it not the case?

Ugh…and here I dragged all 4 bodies into the next room, near the gas leak, subdued the one dude who kept patrolling, hid his body in the closet and then killed them all… Got SA but took 13 minutes :man_facepalming:t4:

PS- Talkinh about Aeon Strife which is a pretty solid contract.




Well good job? Why solving it like everyone else does? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome because this changes everything. Most of the speedruns I saw for Season 1 always used fire extinguishers to get easy accident kills and never propane tanks. I suppose FEs are easier to obtain but still this is going to be very helpful.


Yeah that is the main reason you’ve seen PFs so rarely. Also you have to shoot them twice in S1.


Isn’t there 7 featured contracts? Mine shows 7.

The garbage man one was really fun. I’m not sure if I’ve actually put someone in the garbage truck before. But man, … a garbage truck that only fits one person? Come on, IOI! Literally unplayable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The one called “Miami Contract” got my heart racing! Having to leave dead bodies out in the opinion was scary. It was a race against the clock to get to the front gate. It was super easy though. Didn’t have to retry really.


The first two were there since release and are no community contracts.





no “community contracts”? I thought these were made by the community?


The 5 I posted are new, community made contracts. The other two you see ingame are not.


Oh okay!

Damn, wonder how I’m going to make the talkative target into an “accident” kill …


Aeon of Strife - SA 2:36

The tranquiliser gun was nice and useful for this mission!

(As an aside, do you still have to wait for a few seconds before exiting to avoid losing your unnoticed kill bonus?)