First Hitman mission you achieved Silent Assassin


Mine was “Death of Hannelore” from SA.

Despite of Diana said our new jobs will be suicide mission, it was too easy for me.


I can’t remember lol. Been playing hitman games for 10 years now. I’m gonna say The Meat King’s Party, although I’m not sure :sweat_smile:


i think it was “Meeting at the Park“ via Carbombs - still love this Mission.


Anathema, back when it was still only a demo.
Had a really hard time with it though, didn’t figure it out for myself.

The second was «Invitation to a Party », also when still a demo. That one I did figure out for myself so I think that one counts more :slight_smile:


First mission I ever did Silent Assassin was Hokkaido. If we’re talking across all games, it would be one of the missions in blood money a few years back but I can’t exactly remember which one.

Anyways, Hokkaido introduced the No Loadout complication so I thought it would’ve been a good test to see how good I was at the game. Took me a while, but I eventually got there. With the help of MrFreeze, of course.