First Impressions and Small Details

Hitman games are so overwhelming at first and conjure a lot of thoughts in our heads when we start a new map for the firs time. I thought we could use a thread to talk about the small details, interesting discoveries and assorted musings we have during our initial playthroughs. Can be any level. Please mark any story spoilers using tags if possible though.

My first thought is really random, but - Congratulations to the sound designers for making a room full of people clapping SOUND LIKE a room full of people clapping specifically in the room they are clapping in. This is a notoriously hard thing to get right, especially in video games. Celebrations rarely sound like celebrations and just end up sounding muted and lifeless, but I actually felt the ambience of the main room in Dubai, the reverberation of the huge room echoing as people’s palms smacked together.

Instantly in love with this.


finished my first Playtrough. its amazing. wont spoil anything. simply fantastic.


The whole game? Jeez, man. I just started :smiley:


There’s an Allan Please Add Details easter egg because of course there is


the sound design in H3 is phenomenal. the little woosh when you enter a tresspassing area, the pops when you hit someone with a bullet, the warble when you throw something heavy at an NPC.

and to top it all of the glorious soundtrack. fucking amazing


I knew just from watching the direct comparison that the audio quality was taking a big improvement step up. Awesome to actually see it in action though


Seriously, i gave Niels a lot of shit over the years, but he really, really knocked it out of the park with this one. Worthy Soundtrack.


Absolutely. The sound from falling people stood out to me oddly, if a limb hits something it will make a sound of its own. I also find the changes to the ragdoll in general really good.


Spoiler about challenges and something i’ve discovered:

The SASO challenges, the classics, are giving the items they gave in H2016 and H2. So if those are the prizes for getting them on Hitman 3, what will be the point of getting them on Legacy runs? Have they put other items as prizes there?

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And not even one, obviously.


I’ve seen that there are few challenges in Dubai… That makes me sad, but better that than another tuppence a wish i guess

Damn, loading times are fast. Generally, while it’s been a while since I played Hitman 2 and I may not remember clearly, but optimalization seems really good.


Yeah, i’ve been playing Cyberpunk for the last 4 weeks solid and it’s quite a shock to suddenly go to a game I can max out and still get 60fps.


This shit looks like the fucking Sims


Just finished Dubai. I noticed that performance isn’t as good as previous games but it looks beautiful. Thought the mission was a bit easy but I quite enjoyed it. That challenge complete sound when you finish missions is so satisfying.


47 doing a Myspace Selfie in the pre-cameraphone world


I quite like the new contracts mode menu.


Question about Legacy Items:

What do you think about them linking the items from the first two games to escalations? Why getting them out of the normal challenge runs? Or are those ETs items?

i’m talking about this

I’m disappointed that there still doesn’t seem to be a way to shut Diana up. She’s tied to the Dialogue Volume, but if you turn that off, you lose all in game dialogue. Surprised they haven’t addressed this?

I thought about creating a new topic just to discuss this - I noticed in one of big reviewers’ 5 minute video of Dubai that you get constant talk from Grey near the beginning. I thought to myself “that’ll get sickening after 100 playthroughs but no matter, I’m sure you’ll be able to turn it off”.

Or is there a way to turn them off that I don’t know about?