First Impressions and Small Details

I just finished the game, and I have to gather my thoughts on what I think about the story. Quite the mouthful with the character development and all. But the levels are amazing on the first playthrough! We’ll see how deep they go in terms of replayability. I really loved Dubai, Dartmoor and Mendoza. Berlin had atmosphere, but level design-wise it felt like the Colorado of H3. My least favorite, but I guess it’s ok for variation.

Berlin the Colorado of H3 ? I think it’s a far better map than Colorado and maybe one of the best of H3


I’ve only played it through once, so it may be much better than my first impression indicates. But it feels more like a big playground with random accident kills and a lot of random, not too interesting targets. Like Colorado. I might be wrong though.

I loved Colorado and prefer it to Sapienza (I know I’m scum) and while I do see the similarities in Berlin, I do feel they’re still very different maps.

Berlin is my favourite level of H3 but unlike H1 I am not alone in liking this level so I feel like they’re very different.


I kind of prefer the alternative ending. It’s darker and more surprising. Does it count? Haha


No it’s a bug I believe. In Dubai it takes a while to register Stuyvesants kill before grey gives his confirmed kill speel.

Anyone see the detail in Dubai in the mission story where you help Grey confront both of the targets in their meeting room?

If you kill the targets early as Grey is talking to them or before it, he sounds almost disappointed that he couldn’t do his monologue. If I recall correctly he’s like “they got what they deserve, mission completed… I guess” in like a sad tone. It’s a nice detail lol


He sometimes says something like: " not very patient, 47?"


I noticed it, I think I mentioned it on the Dubai thread or maybe on another thread.


Just finished the game (one playthrough of each level on master). I haven’t properly replayed each level yet, but I really enjoyed it!

I wasn’t massively invested in the story (though this last game had some cool moments I wasn’t expecting, which made me enjoy the story much more than in the other two) but I got weirdly emotional when I beat the game. I dunno - I’ve been playing since the 2016 beta, and I guess I’ve been using Hitman as my ‘comfort game’ from then up until now (things were rough for a lot of that time), so the thought that this is the last we’ll be getting for at least a few years is quite sad to me. I’m pretty sure they said there won’t be any DLC missions like Hitman 2 either, which makes it sting a little more. I haven’t properly replayed each level yet, though, so there’s that to look forward to.

I’m glad I stuck with the franchise despite the EGS and last-minute Hitman 2 transfer business dampening my enthusiasm before launch. I might upgrade to the deluxe edition if I’m still feeling sentimental when the Hitman 2 levels become accessible. I’m interested to see what post-launch content there will be - hopefully they’ll get the servers fixed for everyone soon.


i think she’s probably the most available / reliable Voice Actor for them. probably doesn’t have many bookings or maybe she lives close to the studio :man_shrugging:

most likely money. There is one voice I cannot stand. Reminds me Brian Kimmet, but worse, he’s the guy who did the Chef’s (liquid butter on your popcorn)voice in Absolution. They replaced him with an even more effeminate voice. He’s all over the place in H2, and 3. Supposed to be these tough talking guards and this guy sounds like Strawberry Shortcake. He does the voice for the master of ceremonies in Sgail, and the lawyer’s voice in Dartmoor ,among many more.

:question: :question: :question:


After the ratings, the incredible reception from this forum and everyone who played the game, the last resort is to criticize voice actors


Tired of these effeminate men with their weak feminine hands! :triumph:

Seriously tho, I actually really liked the chef voice actor in Absolution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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it was meant to be a reply to Terra’s post about the voice actors. Not 47’s voice

Wh… Where do you think you are? This is a fan forum


Just because a game was reviewed well doesn’t mean it’s objectively good, nor does it mean everyone has to like it. Brushing off peoples’ opinions like this isn’t productive or helpful in creating an atmosphere where people feel their thoughts are valued.


NPC dialog is well written, smart and funny. There is tons of dialog. The IOI team has a sense of humor.

IOI decided for less handholding with Mission Stories.

Sense that IOI trusted their fans that they could figure out their puzzles without big flashing arrows pointing to where to go and what to do.

Much deeper puzzle elements than in H1 and H2.

Sound and visuals amazing. Recommend surround sound system.

More meaningful story arc, darker narrative than H1 and H2 but not overly imposing narrative detracting to those wanting to concentrate on sandbox play.

I think that IOI was able to balance narrative, deep sandbox play and slapstick humor, even though all these elements were heightened from H1 & H2.

It must have been difficult to keep a consistent tone during gameplay, when IOI have many different goals at play, all of the time.

Each of the different missions has its strengths.

Each mission has a unique feel and mood, and variation in sandbox design.

Replay-ability appears to be highest in H3.

Amazing that it is “just more Hitman” but is even more thrilling than the previous iterations.

Am in agreement with reviews that state that IOI has reached pinnacle of polish of their Hitman product.

Well done.


I loved the game, but it’s clear to me that the developers did a lot of cutting corners. I understand that with the pandemic and all game making would be harder but here are some issues I’ve seen.
(Note: Most, if all of these are nitpicky, the game is still really good)

  • No core AI changes
  • Only one new suspicious track, no new combat music/pause music
  • No combat changes/barely any new animations
  • No mechanically new unlocks(We only got a handful of new guns and reskinned items)
  • All of the maps’ size is smaller than before with fewer challenges overall
  • We only got 5 full sized maps
  • No contract mode changes
  • No items balancing changes
  • Bugs are still there(Trash can bug/Kalmer bug etc)
  • Less translated languages
  • No offline mode

Of course, these are only the bad. The game is still one of the best Hitman games imo.