First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


First sales figures of physical games for last week (in United Kingdom) are available and there’s a bad news:

Hitman 2 was the other big adult release of the week and it, too, had a weaker-than-usual opening. IO Interactive’s stealth game debuts at No.10. The last Hitman title was an episodic digital release, so comparisons are impossible to make. Compared with 2012’s Hitman Absolution, launch physical sales of Hitman 2 are down 90 per cent.”

Digital sales are not included but that’s not a good sign. Even Fallout 76 made better sales than Hitman season 2, that’s so sad.
IO Interactive doesn’t deserve that…


is Fallout making better sales than Hitman surprising?


Fallout is indeed a more knwon franchise than Hitman but there were so many bad reviews on Fallout 76 and great reviews on Hitman season 2 that it’s quite surprising.


Absolution’s advertising budget alone was probably bigger than Hitman 2’s entire development budget (I remember when Square Enix was flying journalists out to Catalina Island for a promotional event). It shouldn’t be surprising that it sold better.


Worry not, IO-I will just release the same game again in a few weeks.


Absolution advertising was very well done. Even today I still watch some of the trailers.
In Hitman 2 all the trailers were MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI


I hope this doesn’t discourage or influence Ubisoft from making a new Splinter Cell game.


I agree. You can tell they had a big budget with Absolution’s advertising. Very professional and high quality. Still holds up today.


Oh, sure, Absolution had a great promotional campaign. All of its trailers were outstanding.


Red Dead Redemption 2’s retail sales in the UK were also underwhelming. While I have no idea how well the game has actually done overall, this isn’t really a good indicator of sales in this day and age, where the split between digital and retail has changed immensely since 2012 when Absolution came out.


Agreed, would love a new Splinter Cell game that goes back to the basics of the early games, specifically Chaos Theory if possible. There were rumors Ubisoft would reveal a new Splinter Cell game at this year’s E3, but of course they did not, sadly. Luckily, I believe they said they would consider returning to the Splinter Cell franchise at some point in the future, so fingers crossed.


True the biggest problem with sales calculations is some people forget or forgo digital sales.


90% down on Absolution the article says. While we don’t know how IOI are measuring Hitman 2 launch success internally I suspect it’s safe to say they’re not factoring Absolution sales.


Didn’t know Absolution did so well. Odd that they haven’t made an Absolution 2 :stuck_out_tongue:. Bad news for sure. But what does this really mean for the future of Hitman.


Here some figures of the previous games, I found them on wikipedia:

Hitman Codename 47 : In April 2009, more than 500 000 copies

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin : In April 2009, more than 3,7 million copies

No figures for Hitman Contracts

Hitman Blood Money : In 2011, more than 2,1 million copies

Hitman Absolution : In March 2013, more than 3,6 million copies

No figures for Hitman 2016


they could have just made Absolution 2 and made all the money from Absolution twofold, but they decided to listen to the fans instead and made Hitman 2016. thanks IO :slight_smile:


We discuss this topic here too…

But it should interest those in this thread to learn that with the odd exception, PHYSICAL sales of ALL titles are down by a lot.

HITMAN and HITMAN 2 in particular are more at home as Digital Downloads.


I should mention - in case nobody else realized this - that there is currently NO PHYSICAL COPY AVAILABLE FOR PC. I assume many people - like me - are coming from a PC background. I want to get the game on PC eventually. Yet there is no physical copy being sold for PC. The only way to get it currently is Steam.

I assume a lot of people will wait and hold off til:

  1. They checked out reviews
  2. A physical PC copy is available or it has been confirmed there will not be a physical copy
  3. The first price drop probably

And yes, digital sales went up a crap ton only in the last few years, so you cant compare a 2012 Absolution.
I would also not expect the same sales numbers as older games are the actual target, considering Absolution had a way higher budget.


What deeply pisses me off is the toxicity being spewed by shitty Rockstar fanboys and other casualites with an attention span of a 5 year old who know NOTHING about HITMAN but feel the compulsive need to act like a douchey pseudo intellectual in other online forums.

Comments vary from “This game doesn’t deserve to exist after RDR2”, “Who the fuck would buy this after RDR2 lol”, “HITMAN 2 is freaking crap and is just unappealing!!!”,“I want this game to flop” etc.

Sadly most gamers these days are undeserving of a quality title like Hitman and especially in an era of gamers with horrendous attention spans and patience.

Too bad this doesn’t have Battle Royale or the Rockstar logo on it to guarantee great sales…


That is low, true RDR2 is in many ways higher quality than HITMAN 2 (RDR2 is still my game of the year) but should not exist because the other is more popular.

Also I can’t help but feel as though your last two lines are just as vitriolic as any R* fanboy. I mean of course the Rockstar logo is a guaranteed sale they make quality products and does Ghost Mode not strike you as an attempt to cash in on a demographic? Of course IO make quality products and IO put effort into ghost mode.