First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


A boring version of Assassin’s Creed would be … drum rollAssassin’s Creed.


Aww. I actually quite like Odyssey, it is amazing how they are correcting the franchise.


Plot twist:

Haven’t touched Odyssey nor Origins yet. Still want to somewhere down the line. Not a priority though.


Then you are missing out then. They are at least better than Unity or III


I enjoyed it myself, but thought Origins was a better game. That said, never felt that RPG elements really work in a stealth game, and after playing both Origins and Odyssey I continue to hold that belief. To me AC is now an action RPG (nothing wrong with that), but not a stealth-based assassination game.


Doesn’t really matter to me. That old formula was getting stale like bakery dumpster stale. I get how jarring the RPG elements are but so far they are not terrible and in time they will get better at implementing the RPG elements. I also love ancient Greece more than Egypt


Totally fair, and I agree with you that they had to change up directions, but perhaps they shouldn’t call it AC anymore? LOL. That said, I liked runnin’ around ancient Greece, but for me nothing in Odyssey compared to climbing up the pyramid in Origins and getting to the top to synchronize. But still enjoyed both.


“Better than III” isn’t saying much. Anyway, let’s not turn this into an AC discussion thread.


That was cool but synchronising from the Parthenon before meeting Pericles was epic to me as well.

Both true but in all fairness it is kinda clear HITMAN 2 will be average in sales performance.


At the risk of sounding like a smartass, being better than Unity and III, which are insanely flawed at best, does not make the more recent Assassin’s Creed games good in and of themselves.

I will never, for the life of me, understand why people keep buying Assassin’s Creed after the continual milking, butchering, and mishandling (lootboxes, glitches, discarding of the modern storyline with no real ending or continuation), in addition to the shallow gameplay in most every facet of the various games.

At most, you could argue Black Flag is an okay game; this coincidentally condemns the rest of the series, seeing as Black Flag strayed furthest from the formula to the point where it was an okay pirate game held back by the detritus that has become a staple of the series. I blame it and Assassin’s Creed 2 (which was still semi-fresh and well-received in light of the terrible original game lowering expectations) for having given Ubisoft a foundation upon which to continue to release one derivative experience after another to this very day.

/Rant (for now)


The best AC game is the first one cause it’s the only unique one. Designed to be played completely without any interface.


Indeed. It’s definitely upsetting to see it netting sales that are so damn low - not only in terms of what that could spell for the future, but if there is indeed a Hitman 3 sooner rather than later, what that means for the budget and the implementation of new ideas and features.


Cause the loot boxes are unintruisve, HITMAN 2 was just as glitchy as any Assassin’s Creed so we cant talk and the modern storyline was ass and ended before anything real could be done with it.

I never got the shallow gameplay angle. I think Dark Souls is simplistic and repetitive but for some reason I am insane for thinking that. I think AC is just perfect for what it is. Besides game play is now somewhat more varied in terms of playstyles and approaches.

Well Hitman has been tipped to die but it has outlasted Dishonored, Thief and even Metal Gear Solid


Hasn’t this Microsoft rumour circulated before? pretty sure it did the rounds early last year.


It isn’t as much a rumour as it is a Mad Lib: Microsoft has [Insert Possessive Verb] the video game company [Insert Video Game Developer] for [Insert Monetary Value]


The Microsoft rumor doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Besides maybe Ninja Theory, all of Microsoft’s acquisitions have been of very PC-centric/Xbox-focused studios. Even Obsidian, a “big” developer known across many platforms, had all their big titles (KOTOR, Fallout, South Park) licensed out to them, with their original games being PC oriented.


I notice some logical fallacies here; just because HITMAN and HITMAN 2 had/have glitches does not mean that Assassin’s Creed is excused. A game, or any commercial product really, has to stand on its own two legs, and where both TM games are rock solid in my mind, Assassin’s Creed remains poor.

We disagree on the lootboxes, their predatory nature has been clearly documented (especially in regards to Origins), as are the other microtransactions (Odyssey is grindy A F, either through bad game design or to entice consumers into spending real money).

As for the Dark Souls bit, again, comparing doesn’t make sense; it is a wholly separate product, not even in the same genre as Assassin’s Creed is. I cannot agree to Assassin’s Creed being varied nowadays, but there is false equivalency here; varied does not equal good, after.

Is this matter off-topic in regards to Hitman? Less so than one would expect, for I feel the Assassin’s Creed series has seriously muddied the water for the stealth genre as a whole with its casualized approach; this, then, has made the market less appreciative of the Hitman games, although this is admittedly hard to quantify.


Winner, winner chicken dinner.


I never saw Assassin’s Creed as a true stealth game tbh, not with those mechanics


Agreed, but much to our detriment, most of the general gaming populace does seem to take AC for a stealth series.