First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


I found it to be. It’s still an enjoyable time - especially if you liked Origins, but honestly I found Odyssey to have a lot more filler in it than was needed. Side missions are incredibly repetitive (even some of the main missions), and if you don’t like large ship sailing/battles (which Origins had very little of) - there’s a lot more of it in Odyssey - not as much as Blackflag though.


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You guys talking about pizza was more than i could handle, pizza it is


True I made a harsh generalisation and I apologise. also I don’t defend loot boxes time savers or what ever con job is next but I give credit where credit is due, I have not found them obtrusive or warranted. It is obvious Ubi is preying on the lazy or time-deprived I won’t apologize for that I will apologise for the game thought.

You can be right about the story but most of the time an AC is so simplistic it is either hard not to forget or it is easy to forget. My memory is great so I rarely forget things. There is always room for improvement just like Hitman or countless other franchises stealth action-adventure RPG or any other genre or hybrid out there.


I haven’t played Odyssey yet but the side quests look a lot more enticing than Origins on the surface with narrative choices and everything…

It’s a much larger game too so I guess its bound to have some filler content…


You can put a poison vial on it, close enough.


All of it. Go for the burger.


Uhh Chef I think by this point he has made his order. You know I think I can get everything but sushi from local pizza guy.


Yeah ordered a pizza. I have like 100+ places here where i can order food, so took a little while to choose, but its on its way <3


Jeez is that just pizza places or food in general where do you live?


Food in general, live in the Netherlands.


Huh, I though you would have been American. 100 places for food to me is either an Americanism or a compact city like a European city.


I’m way too real and blunt to be an American.

Bingo. And the Netherlands is Europe :wink:


True blunt and bullheaded is a European thing.

Yes I know my geography. I imagine the Dutch build their cities close and compact due to their historic trend of land conservation. Quite ingenious your geo-engineering.


More than anything it’s a Dutch thing. But hey, atleast you know where you stand right from the start :wink:

Yeah it’s quite fascinating really


Where exactly in the Netherlands do you live? Was just curious.

True you have never hidden your opinions and I respect that in any person


Pizza is here, gotta feed my duck too.


Oh yeah that is Dutch writing of course.
Hey you never answered my where do you live question?
Oh and a PC user I should have known.:joy:


Die zweite Pizza ist gratis! Wo ist die zweite Pizza?!

The 2nd pizza is free. Where is the 2nd pizza?!


And i never will!

Pizza arrived, so i dropped everything, surely you can understand. But i live in Alkmaar.

Ofcourse, PC masterrace. My new pc should be arriving either tomorrow or friday. Hype!

Lol are you German? Did not know that. Also, the 2nd pizza was for my duckie, we share everything. Yes, everything.


Naturally, it is the human thing to do. If you don’t drop everything for pizza you are not human

huh never heard of the place, sorry.

Mostly Sony for me, skipped Microsoft this gen.