First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution



I doubt you heard of any other cities besides Amsterdam & Rotterdam. Maybe The Hague.

Console player huh? Explains why you suck at Hitman <3


I know of Delft and I do know The Hague, Haarlem, Zeeland (which I know is a territory), Aruba, Bonaire Curacao and that is it off the top of my head. But you are lucky I am Australian, many people only know Sydney and we are larger than the Netherlands. All nations have that problem even the US has hindreds of towns and cities waiting to be discovered

I don’t suck at Hitman, I apparently have “gross misconceptions” about the game.:joy:


Australia is larger than the Netherlands?


Ps: Was nice to discover your country a few centuries ago.


Come on you of all people know that is not my point so don’t drag our boy Nick Cage into this. At least the average person will know Amsterdam (I for one have always wanted to visit and NOT get stoned a first for international Dutch tourism), Rotterdam and The Hague. Any person when asked to name an Aussie city will go uhh… Sydney I know that from Finding Nemo.

Actually historical evidence might point to either the Portuguese finding us earlier or you still ignoring it completely to settle a malaria infested Island chain.


Surely people know Melbourne and Perth. Then again we Dutchies to tend to know a lot more than other people :wink:

The latter. History is fun. The “Zeeland” you know off is what makes New-Zealand well, New.


Some might know Melbourne it is becoming more and more popular as Sydney gets more expensive, but unless you work in mining you might not have heard of Perth. The benefits of being a seafaring, metropole nation.:grinning:

Yes but if my memory serves you ran away after a brief fight with the Maori and surrended yet another group of islands that is better than Indonesia.:joy:


Full of criminals :wink:

Well, we were busy stealing sugar from Brazil :joy:


I reported you for going off topic btw


Not true I am from Adelaide we were settled by free people. Also I was referring to your nation Also I thought you were above generalizing

How sweet but you started it,:joy: and there will be no more sales figures, we lost no one cared!


As was i, those times were not pretty

But i still blame you.


No nation is unimpeachable in the annals of history.

Sigh, Well I will try to course correct. Do you think ANY people will buy this around Christmas time or how about IO being a part of WB full time?


Most likely yes, especially if they do some smart marketing and some effort into a christmas bonus map (i would love to see whittleton creek like that), i can see more people buying it.

Im slightly biased because we had such a wonderful time with the io and wb guys, but i think they could be a good match. Let wb focus on the publishing and promotion, and let io focus completely on hitman.


Christmas creek, sign me up!
(Also ofc bring the paris one back)


I would love Halloween on Whittleton Creek to be honest.

So do I no better time to get an 8 game like Hitman then Christmas time

Better than Microsoft or another company. So long as WB fund IO or someone else does it is AOK.


I’d prefer christmas, and it would suit the promotion better if were talking about sales for xmas. Also it would be really easy that way to introduce some home alone goofyness into the map, same as they did with holiday hoarders one.


Microsoft could be good, they clearly need the studios, and for what i’ve seen the studios have reasonable freedom

Biggest issue tho, no PS4 version.

Ark soc for Halloween, Creek for Christmas


Well they did state something about Christmas being extravagant in the Creek. That might have been dogging on the politician.

I think Microsoft should work with what they have. There are plenty of old IPs waiting to be used like Jade Empire or Alan Wake.

I guess but I have seen very little from the studios purchased by MS, I still know nothing concrete about what they are doing either.

I actually want the Isle for New Year’s Eve.


Naah, imagine NYE on Miami with some big concert going on (With a changed up podium)

Halloween could work well in the castle, since… its a castle :stuck_out_tongue:


Miami was my first pick for a NYE celebration. I would also like to see Mumbai during Holi or the celebration of lights (I forget the Hindi pronunciation)


New York Pizza. LMAO. Wanna be Americans!! Lol