First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


Dude down the street from me is a place called Old Star Texan Diner or something. I saw an American style restaurant in Japan. I would like to see Miami have a food festival on the promenade


New York was New Amsterdam, we owned that shit. If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.


Yep and didn’t you surrender that island to the English as well? After Stuyvesant went insane and became a despot?


No we sold it. New York still has the Netherlands written all over it though.


Well yes it is called Harlem for a reason. Also what are the odds for a New York level, surel that would boost buyers


You’re going off topic again. Last warning.


Ive been doing WORK on this front. Introduced 3 people to this (all bought it) and went to two of their houses to talk them through some gameplay and get them to see the posibilities (which can be overwhelming for new players). Theyre all sad they didnt pay attention before. If we all introduce somebody to the series it certainly wont hurt. Your love of the franchise can inspire other people. SPREAD THE WORD!


Have you heard the good news about our Lord and Saviour 47? Am I doing it right?


As a Dutchy, i approve !

Do hope the game sells more :frowning:


Damn I was having fun discussing the tourist gaze and generalizations. I have always wanted to know more about other nations, go beyond capital cities and major nations. I would love a level in Amsterdam.

I hope they discount the game over Christmas break and maybe sent it to that Gamepass thing like HITMAN.


Hello 47, your target, a pimp from Amsterdam has recently, bla bla bla


Here’s some good news - H2’s Steam user review ratings have increased to 89% or very positive(from around 77 before)! :partying_face: :wine_glass:

@Duckilous made a downright amazing review clearing all the misinformation about privacy policy and the game itself with the true facts, thank you a lot for posting this!!


Nah would rather something less predicatable. I am probably the only human being that wants to go to Amsterdam and NOT get stoned or have sex.

Also I hear the steam reviews surged also congrats to @Duckilous for dispelling misconceptions about the game it will really help.


…what do you mean brother


In real life I want to explore nations beyond what many others experience but I want to discover major cities too (I have only ever been to Japan and I still am human I want to see Rujikseum, Grote Canal and all those other places), and I was just agreeing with @DANNYonPC since he brought the city up. Also IO have to go with places that provide the most opportunities, now as much fun as it would be to go to Delft and push people into porcelain kilns there is not a lot of appeal for a normal non-worldly person.


One thing I havent seen people mention is that Hitman 2’s returns should be much greater since they built it on a limited budget and still had SE money when development began


Im just messing with you. Good thing to know that you will always bite though. Will be entertaining.


I am glad my insecurities amuse you so much, they have entertained many people for most of my life and made me a neurotic and paranoid mess.


Your insecurities? Nahh, i just like to have someone to actually push back a little when discussing.


Be careful a lot of morons out there can’t take being pushed in discourse.