First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


Delfstblauwe souvenir stores
Also cheese.


This has taken a very strange direction.


Yes significantly more suggestive than it was in my head. EDIT I altered it.


Well the souvaneir shop is where the kiln is. And all the Netherlands makes good cheese, if we are going the cheese route we might as well go to Alkmaar I knew the name was familiar, the cheese production and market and the polder is on a UNESCO list. But off topic again, do you think there is anyway WB or IO could boost buyers?


You trippin bro real and blunt that’s our accent.


But why would anyone ever go to alkmaar?


Uh the cheese and the polders. Also I am referencing where @Fortheseven is from so you MIGHT want to take that back.


Well i’m from Amsterdam, therefore…


Just note in some countries digital copies are far more expensive than the physical copy! (That’s why I decided to go physical this time and I’m waiting IOI for sale to extend to gold by go digital expansion pass) btw GOTY digital work smoothly with my physical Hitman 2 and I’m so excited to play legacy all over again (I’m surprised I do actually lol and the briefcase YEAH FINALLY is sooo cool)

Remember RDR2 lunched just before Hitman 2 so… Money is the name of the game you can’t have them all…

May the force be with IOI and HITMAN fans u rock!

Lastly, I can’t wait to see another Sniper Assassin level this is so much fun!!! Well done.anx of course all other improvements and new levels are exciting too


‘I would love a level in Amsterdam.’

Agreed. I look forward to 47’s Sinterklaas and Black Pete disguises.


Well I didn’t mean a Christmas level (190 languages in the world and Santa Clause is still recognisable in all of them) I meant a level in general. An awesome Christ mas level would be a town in Bavaria


Physical Sales are now usually an indicator of 25% of total sales as 75% is digital and not counted by retailers.


Sinterklaas is not Christmas.


Yeah I used Google search and it came up with pictures of Santa Clause so what Santa got promoted to Boxing Day icon?


It’s this Sinterklaas where Santa Claus was based on. But they are seperate holidays, and the best part, we get both of them here in the Netherlands. (eventhough Sinterklaas is aimed at children)


Sinterklaas is the true OG

Also, just COLONIZED this thread



Oh well what about the actual Saint Nick? He actually would have looked like a Greek/Turkish man (kinda like my local chicken shop guy). Take it up with your prime minister or Queen or who ever is in charge and get a third holiday.


Just gave that review a :+1: and the negative one a :-1:.


Real heroes don’t wear capes


More or less, I expect something along the lines of Dishonored 2 in terms of sales. May be disappointing for publisher but realistic for a great niche genre game.