First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


Sinterklaas looks like a Level 60 Epic Santa Claus with the White Steed DLC. :grinning:


All heroes shall fall by the hand of autotargeting briefcase.


Oh and for everybody concerned that HITMAN 2 is getting discounted so soon after releasing together with RDR 2…

RDR2 also being discounted.

Diablo III Eternal Collection on Switch now also discounted. Must be some kind of “Push the installed base numbers” strategy.


There are fans ???:unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:


Uh, obviously?

Please stop spamming emojis.


this ones… for the fans

ioi easily could make 47 into a call of duty or fallout 76…

its been almost three years since 2016… hope they just keep improving


I can tell you right there lies the problem. This game is rated m for adults, but barely feels like one. IO didn’t really cater to “adults” rather wants to attract those masses. Makes sense if you want to make money. But its stuck inbetween “kid appropriate” and adult gaming. Some kind of limbus. Not sure if it makes sense, but I feel that it is the issue.


No, that doesn’t make sense.


Same. At this point I hope they can secure enough funding to make 3 as good as possible : )


Maybe its just bad timing then, either too early after 2016, or in general people are not in the mood for that kind of singleplayer game


Absolution was the first game I preordered ever. The hype was unreal. The leveldesign too.


It has been that way with Blood Money too. Dressing up as a clown, KOing someone by putting ether on panties a bodyguard likes to sniff, ridiculous ragdolls etc


It is a game about a contract killer. Mature enough. :wink:


You can add Splinter Cell to that list as well. A franchise I thought would surpass Hitman. In all honesty I thought Hitman was dead after Blood Money, 7 years felt like forever. Then after Absolution being a departure from it’s formula I thought it had become a Mass Effect Andromeda scenario, but I am glad to say Hitman has lasted far longer than I expected and I hope it keeps on going.


Yes, but a contract killer that slaps people with a fish. The marketing around E3 was, like someone said here already, all about MIAMI, and the FISH. Fish here, fish there, favoirite weapon? The FISH!


i’m actually surprised at how much blood is produced by hitting people with the fish. although i imagine getting hit with a fish has quite the impact :^)))


I like to think it is the fish’ blood.


So you advertising a game without showing what the game really is, great strategy, making it to look rather ridiculous.


I think the honest chances of this game ever having mass appeal are slim. It’s a niche and we love it. So they can market a bit silly bc if they show its a giant sandbox that requires patience to learn… the masses run away. No one has patience lol


Hitman will improve its sales soon. Some Players like me are just trying first the legacy pack which is free. And why buy now when xmas sale is near