First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


You see this guy is a part of the accident master race. Also he said you should buy HITMAN 2, explain why you should and he is from a respected outlet.


Recently, just a few days ago Jacksepticeye uploaded a video on HITMAN 2 and he was quite impressed and all he played was the Nightcall mission.

I believe big YouTubers like him covering this game could have a positive impact on the sales.


One of the biggest and most relevant issues is the fact that people want games like this to succeed but fail to invest in the developers by chasing discounts.

I paid £129.99 for the collectors edition because IOI deserve it. They have created a world in which assassination of targets is a playground. There is so much they can add to this and expand.

Stop being cheapskates, support the devs and hopefully there will be more content to come. A studio can’t create all these ideas people have is they don’t have the financial resources to support it.


Quote from “Hitman 2 is my forever game”, Julie Muncy, Wired magazine.

" I didn’t used to believe in the idea of a forever game. But if the developers at Io just released a handful of new levels a year, every year, I’m pretty sure I could play Hitman 2 for eternity. If everyone just quit making videogames right now, I’m not sure I’d even mind. "


It is nice having magazines write such articles. If it turns into an Forever-Game like WoW became, it just should fix some of the critical bugs, hardening the framework for more content.


I hate to say it but, this is kind of the case with me. I wasn’t a complete cheapskate: I bought the game for $60. But I ended up not getting the gold edition, which was $100. I’m sorry IO :frowning:


I’m not stating everyone is cheapskate just the people that incessantly complain about things that are “wrong” with the game yet don’t support developers by providing their custom to boost financial resources so that the developers can “fix” the game.


Hmm let’s see.

47 sent to kill an elderly person in need of special care. 47 sent to kill two black women who are sisters, one of them possibly to die by immolation while robed and masked figures watch on. A nice old woman harbors a dark secret as possibly a psychotic killer who makes food from human organs. Possible depiction of father killing his own daughter in Miami. Possible depiction of suicide by Hector Delgado. Animal behavioral alteration through dietary abuse in Santa Fortuna. Death by Hungry Hippo x 3. Dawood Rangan throws a defenseless man off a building. Multiple depictions of snorting cocaine…

You know what… I’ll stop counting… I think we’re way past “kid friendly” at this point. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to make a correction we get too kill two elderly people. One is in need of specialised housecare and the other is clearly mentally deranged. I also want to state that Helen makes food additives out of organ fluids


Not to mention the game has a subplot about said elderly person hatching a plan to smuggle cocaine through benign objects like souveneirs. This is a real thing that really would be difficult enough for young adults to handle (as it may even inspire them to imitate it) and even more so for children.

Again. Don’t understand where this idea of “It’s not M-Rated enough.” is coming from. Lol.


Don’t forget the other elderly man makes passing references to Communist detention in Guatamala and talks about human experimentation in detail


Don’t forget stuff like brutally stabbing a defenseless man to death with robotic surgery arms, throwing a soon-to-be dictator into a printing press, lodging a pen on the eye of at least three different individuals, killing the director of a superhero film with serrated robot teeth, shredding people on garden shredders, putting people on acid containers, shooting at people with cannons, massacring an entire hospital to contain a super deadly virus, etc etc.

Very appropriate for kids, I would say.


I think we are talking about HITMAN 2. The game where you engage in industrial sabotage, blow a man up with a home security system, shows the manufacturing of cocaine, shows and audibly displays torture and mental reassignment, again allows you to blow people up with cannons, shows depictions of treasure hunting and the extinction of a tribe is alleged. Oh hold on I was not done we also see the aftermath of an interrogation process (done by our heroes by the way). There is mentions of what is effectively child abuse not to mention the highly illegal process of human cloning.


I knew the PG-15/Teen rating was creeping up on the R or M rating… but I think we can agree HITMAN still clears that bar.

Or maybe it’s because HITMAN demands players enter the mindset of being a methodical killer that we need to be temporarily desensitized?

This is the only mode of operation where they’d send us to kill a gay activist and we wouldn’t care once the mission started because “It’s the job.”

But you’d argue that mindset alone would merit a “No kids allowed” tag because only older players would understand the controlled immersion it requires to enjoy that healthily.


“are they trying to make Hitman for kids or something??”


I said inbetween kid friendly and adult gaming, lost inbetween somewhere, not full fledged kids game.
Considering the nature of the game, it could be much darker.


we should move this to a different thread


You are more than welcome to. I am far, far, far to lazy to make or find another thread.


These examples are definitely not in between my friend.

There are things in the games that are kid safe. Like if you limit it to stuff they’d see in a superhero or PG action flick.

But you can end up in a situation where you do something and the kid tugs at you and asks about what happened.

And you know you’ve pulled them into deep water. It’s not an X Rating…but deep water is deep water.