First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


You take what I ment out of context. I was refering to the way it was marketed, presented. It was one of the things that I thought could be the reason of sale figures.


Well promotion wise it was definitely a catch all push that included a dark sense of humor.

I thought it was pretty good.
Oh and more than 15 million USD in Sales on the first few days on Steam PC alone also says it was pretty good. :wink:


I don’t know the sale numbers. If the numbers are good, even better for everyone.


Discounted H2 looking good on Fanatical top sellers at the moment.


You guys know if there is anywhere I can buy the midnight suit? Like some one has a code that hasn’t used because it was not interested in the dlc


There is currently a holiday sale on PS4, and H2 is one of the games included. This is the pricing on my region.


The sale lasts till the 1st of January. I’m surprised to see a 50% reduction in price only a month after release, even if it’s the holidays I would have expected like a 30 % discount at maximum.

But at least it’s not that expensive now, I’ll be getting the game for the holidays for sure


If you see steam reviews there are many bad reviews for season pass, because people who bought it and installed free demo of Hitman 2 did not have access to anything.
Also replies to those reviews are hillarious to read. Calling them dumbass and similar things.
The description of season pass is inadequate about what content is there in it and when it will be released.
Because of that season pass ratings are average.
IOI needs to improve management of it’s product. Keping things tidy helps. Confusing people means lost revenue.
Nobody have time to do out necessary information if it’s not provided by developer.
Don’t tell me that IOI have detailed content information on their website. Most people will only refer steam/consoles store info. Very few will actually go to website. Ambiguous mature of product on sale is very basic avoidable mistake.


Sales will surely improve. I haven’t bought hitman2 yet because i am still exploring the free legacy pack. Still waiting for 50 %discount on steam


Seems like sensationalism and there is nothing I hate more than a Sensation. (Get it)


Also Smash Brothers Ultimate would like a word with that guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I honestly think it’s the synergy of online and Pre-orders. It’s now a bit like the real estate industry. A new apartment complex can be sold out even before the ribbon cutting, sales would appear low on “Launch Day” but it doesn’t mean the company didn’t make money.


So would Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. And Ubisoft also had a great game this year.


What is true is that I think publishers are still sort of tip-toeing around how to use news of Pre-Orders.
If you announce big pre-orders… maybe you remove any and all excitement for the rest of the hype cycle?

Because your fans/supporters may feel like: “Well what do we need to be excited for? You already made your money.”

There’s no “event”… not like the traditional “store’s open!” thing from days past.


Clearly you didn’t get RDR2 at a midnight launch like my brother.


No but I was stuck in a line last week trying to buy 50 USD of eShop cards and everybody in the line was going “Smash! Smash! Smash!”

and then there’s this one guy: “Octooopaaaath Travellaaaah!”

And the store clerk is like: "What’ll it be? You want Smash don’t ya?’

Me: “No… I’m getting Diablo 3… on the eShop.”

Store clerk: “Pffff…”


The point is… Publishers still mostly understand that physical event thing… Launch Day has to mean something. If you start announcing “We broke Pre-Order records!” and you do it so early… it might deflate Launch Day hype.


Oh kinda churlish of the clerk. Also who the Hell still shops at GameStop?


No… .over here in the Philippines… the store is called Datablitz. And just as it was with Shopping malls… yes… the Philippines is always a couple of decades behind the world.

We still go to the “Video Store” to buy games.

And yes they still sell DVD movies and Blu Ray Discs in Stores just for them. :wink:

The Philippines is also that one country where even if technology and the times advance, there is that part of the culture that continues to relive 1985 over and over again.

So if your first name is Louie or Luis, by the time you’re 15 years old or so and your friends discover music you will be known instead as “Brother” Louie and you’ll always be “undercover”.

Also David Pomeranz’s “King and Queen of Hearts” from 1982 is played at every Prom, Ball, Slow Dance to this day. lol


“A GameStop by any other name is just as apathetic”-Will.I.Am Shakespeare


It’s different in the film business because early ticket sales are just early ticket sales. You announce that because it actually adds excitement for Premiere Day.

Because you then have an image in your mind that you and everybody you know is going to be there Day 1 and “it’s an event”.

Video Game Pre-Orders don’t quite work like that. But I suppose publishers will soon find some way to use good Pre-Order performance in hype cycles.

The other issue though is bad Pre-Orders can sink your campaign way before Launch Day.

Battlefield V basically waved the white flag almost a full quarter before Launch day thanks to Pre-Orders…


We need people to talk about this game the same way people talk about subsribing to PewDiePie


How about sending the Swede (Is he Swedish?) a copy. He has a Legion of impressionable saps at his beck and call.