First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


That is litterly the most epic idea I’ve ever seen.

IOI send Pewds a free copy right now and your sales will burst through the roof in no time


Why wait for IO to do it? Just send him a copy of the game!


Oh my god what tf am I doing gonna send one right now brb

Gotta be honest, it isn’t a bad idea is it? :laughing: It could actually work lol


Yeah just say you have some sort of terminal illness like Hoovu (Spelling) or Boneitis (Spelling? This is a fake disease) something like that just to really sell him on it.


Hitman already got featured in one of his videos. He did this bit about how he would not laugh with funny stuff going around the internet, and so then he watched a video with the homing briefcase, where it turns around a corner. He laughed and even watched it again.
Many orgasms were had that day.
The only reason I know about this is because someone put a link to it on this forum. Don’t judge.


Well I would rather he do an actual video. Is it sad that he is doing try not laugh challenges like even for a Let’s Player it is sad.


He also played it on a livestream and told us his mom used to buy a few of the hitman games for him when he was a little kid.


Well tell Herring Boy to make a video of the new one and encourage his fan army to buy it.


No shame in watching pewdiepie


Situs Inversus. Tell him you are afflicted with Situs Inversus. :smile:


I actually think the game may have done alright in online sales. But I won’t get in the way of fans who want to push the game to popular streamers/influencers.


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Hitman 2 is currently on sale here in the UK at Argos for £19.99 on both the Xbox and PS4.

Just saying, I’ve been trying to persuade my friend to buy it but even £19.99 won’t persuade him sadly. I may just have to end my friendship with them. Hearts will be broken </3


I stumbled on this global achievement graph on steam and I think its a bit strange. Only 24% of all players have completed the first mission. And even less % completed the rest of the missions. How is this possible?

EDIT: Comparing this chart with the in game leaderboard numbers for Hawkey Bay (130.000), you could estimate the Steam sales at slightly above 130k and more than 500k free prologue players.


The prologue is free, everything before Infiltrator is achievable with the free version of the game.


That would explain the low numbers


You guys want to help promote HITMAN 2?

Now’s your chance.


Oh yeah go to IGN they nominated H2 for Action-Adventure.


Can we have a link please?



I didn’t bother linking. At least for Eurogamer it is top 50 to vote for. IGN put it in the same category as GoW and RDR2 sealing its fate.