First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


Well a Nomination is also a form of nod. :wink:


Tell that to my brother who still can’t get over RDR2 not getting GAME Awards GotY title.


RDR2 is a overrated Turd, its not fun to play at all. i’m like 70% in of the Story and i wish i wouldplay RDR1 instead…

and only IGN can see Hitman as an Action Adventure :joy:


And I think GoW is an overrated DS clone. It might be fun to play but its story needs a thesaurus and its enemies need more uniforms. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah IGN’s highest rated Hitman is Absolution so it is quite clear either Boi of War or Red Dead Redemption is going to win.:joy:


The Combat was really good in Dad of Boi, but you are right, i was dissappointed with enemy variety as well. And they toned down the violence a lot, compared to the older Games which is sad.


It is but simply pressing buttons until a thing dies wears thin after appearing in every game. Also does Kratos even call Atreus by his name, I swear for a demi-god his vocabulary is limited? Also toning down the violence and chilling out Kratos was the right choice


What I missed most was the sex in the game… I mean in every game there was Kratos having an orgy. One vs 2-3 or 4 women.
The gods truly blessed him! No wonder he made a giant fall in love with him.

Was waiting when he entered lot’s of times the which house like “ok, now he’s gonna to f*** her” “c’om on!!! She saved your son!”


Bang the witch? Didn’t you remember what happened when Conan tried that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Who is Conan? Arnold movie Conan?


Yes… in the complete cut of CONAN THE BARBARIAN, Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) goes to a Witch (Cassandra Gava) to ask for a shield with a standard, two snakes that face each other, but are one. After a very suggestive fire ritual and some slow cat-like crawling performed by the Witch who obviously wants something else from the buff barbarian, Conan doesn’t get a shield, but he does get the Witch. :wink:

However, the Witch begins to transform into a monster during that “most vulnerable of moments”… So yeah… bad idea. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kotaku feature on HITMAN 2.

Coincidentally I so nearly … so nearly gunned down every guard in Isle of Sgail… But alas, I ran out of ammo and got caught by a bullet in the back while looking for a gun. :stuck_out_tongue:

HITMAN 2 does work very well when you’re trying to break it. :stuck_out_tongue:


HITMAN 2 is indeed really fun when you try to break it.

If you’re going through the effort to unlock a broad arsenal of weapons and not even utilising it the way I did in my video then what the f are you doing? :joy::rofl:

PS- Gotta love the Concept 5 pistol!


Yeah, that’s too much.


the big flashes of light from the shotgun are oddly cinematic


Yeah. I genuinely felt terrible after doing this lol…


I felt terrible watching it. :smiley:


This is how Journalists would play Hitman.


More than 260.000 players actually playing Hitman 2 on PC :astonished::astonished:

Third position of the most played game


2nd now according to this page.

Also big doubt this is real. Wtf.


It turns out that among all of those players not all of them have Hitman 2. There are also players who play the free prolouge or the legacy missions from Hitman 1. Thats why I wondered why the global steam achievement numbers are so weird. But it makes sense knowing that free players do show up in the total palyer count number.