First sales figures (from the UK) compared to Absolution


it’s currently free, and it drops trading cards so the numbers are bloated even for a free weekend


I’m quite sure steam doesn’t give cards for free weekend games. You have to purchase the game first, or make in game purchases.


Apparently it does. What the fuck.
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You’re right. It does. Wtf for real.


Hitman 2 is getting farmed for cards like there’s no tomorrow right now. I bet there’s guys out there with 10 alt Steam accounts running the game on all of them, lol.


Like, did they forgot to disable cards for free users or is it intentional, so they would get numbers (even if just idlers)? This doesn’t seem right :confused:

All those free events during Season 1 didn’t drop cards, did they?


I think it’s either an oversight or ignorance.


How can i use cards to my advantage?


You sell the cards for money. The price of the cards is highest on the day they drop, then usually get cheaper. That’s why they’re being farmed so much right now. For maximum profit. This is definitely what’s happening.

Problem is the market got flooded and the cards have all just about bottomed out in price already. I’m seeing them being listed for £0.03 now (lowest price possible). Yesterday they were £0.15. £3.00 foils from yesterday are now £0.25.

The early bird catches to worm.


So if you well 100 cards you get 3 dollars?
Why would anyone do that much for so much less?


The thing is, it’s no effort at all. Farmers can use programs that automatically run games by themselves. You can leave computers running 24 hours a day, idling many games. They don’t have to be played. The whole thing can be automated. It might not be a lot but the slow drip of incoming money will soon build up.


Think online sales are more popular than retail sales this day and age.

However, I think Hitman 2 sales will only thrive in the coming weeks/months.


Does this look like something a studio with a terribly underperforming game would post on their website?

I dare say we needn’t worry too much


Companies that were on the verge of shutdown and ultimately did get shutdown, still had open job opportunities till the final moment. For eg:- Telltale Games.

I want HITMAN 2 to be enormously successful as much as the next guy but looking at how the game is being sold at a heavily discounted price at most retailers and then to say I am not worried about the future of this franchise, it would be me being very dishonest with myself…


This is on steam under WB games.
Apparently when arranged by top sellers, Hitman 2 sales were more than SOW, SOM, Batman games.


Well they’re all from previous years, still a nice thing considering how much they go on huge discount cuts and are often seen on best sellers during sales :smiley:


Hopefully soon IO will publish the results on how many copies Hitman 2 managed to sell.

I absolutely love the game, it’s my favourite in the series. I’m hoping it did well in the sales department to prompt a sequel to be in the works as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I actually like Syndicate most for, post-Unity.

I completed Origins 100%, and have started Odyssey. It hasn’t made me want to keep on playing. With limited gaming time, I’d rather play shorter games as compared to sinking 300 hours into one game.

That said, I’ve about 120 hours on Hitman 2 so…


Odyssey was pure crap. Hitman 2 is by far a superior game in every way. Cinematics, atmosphere, creativity, design (with the exception of mk II stickers). IOI really pushed the boat out and it shows.