*fixed* HITMAN 2 Game won't start, codefusion window pops up


Platform: PC
I have access to the game with family share (my brother has the gold edition), I was able to play just fine until the update at 16 of November. After the update, when i press play from steam the menu pops up and when i press play it will either just wont start or a small window about “codefusion” pops up.


It tells me to go to a website paste the request code and the use the response code in that window so that the game can launch. after that the window says “something went wrong” and closes.

I have tried verifying the game files, changing from fullscreen to windowed, I have re downloaded the game but nothing seems to work.

I already own the HITMAN GOTY so i have the legacy pack unlocked. But that does not seem to make steam cut the family share for HITMAN 2.
I have tested launching the game from the sharers account on my pc and the game works fine. Also, I have used a third account with family share and it also works fine.
Steam downloaded all dlc and in the dlc list it says I own all the legacy stuff and authorized (from family share) for the rest of the dlcs.

I can not understand why it is not opening, because it is not my computers fault.


Sounds like it’s not authenticating with the game’s DRM server. Try having your brother remove and then re-add you to his family sharing list. Make sure the game’s executable is not being blocked by your computer or router’s firewall.


Re adding the family share did not work and firewalls are not restricting the game.


Has he launched the game while connected to the internet recently? I understand that Denuvo (Hitman’s DRM) requires occasional server authentication, something like once a week or every 3 days. Since he’s technically the game’s owner, it’s possible that he’s the one who needs to check in with their servers before your shared copy will function again.


@Travis_IOI please assist.


Yes, he opens the game every day and always online, and he has checked that no firewall blocks anything hitman related.


It might get fixed if I remove the legacy DLCs from my account. But i don’t know if I ll be able to to re-add them for free when I buy the game or I ll have to buy the legacy pack, so I might use a third steam account to play from family share just in case.


I have exactly same problem. Would be nice to have somekind of solution to this :angry:

I also removed season 1 content from the account that I had this problem. It didn’t help

And it’s clear that Denuvo is the primary reason for this


i’m in the same situation as you, feels good not to be lonely

  • got the game from family share
  • own hitman 2016
    If anyone knows how to solve this …


Newest update to game didn’t solve this problem :disappointed_relieved:


Today, I saw a small update 10mb to the game, and then found in the internet that they removed the Denuvo anti tamper, I tried opening the game and it is working just fine. I hope everyone else has their problem fixed.


Nice! Thank you, it’s now working fine for me