Floor It Challenge Help - Marrakesh

The challenge “Floor it” in the newly released episode.I can’t figure it out

You have To escape with evacuation car

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I escaped with a truck. Where is the evac vehicle?

Its in Parking garage, Under Consulate. The car key is inside The Consulate


Thank you very very much, it’s been driving me crazy (no pun intended)

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No problem mate :wink:
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Where did you find that truck? I have searched for it for a while and the only i can find in the school. i cant use :confused:

Can you please took a screenshot or something to let us know where do you get the evacuation vehicle key is?
I search the whole consulate and couldn’t find it yet !!!

The truck is at the school yard, where they are doing push up, and the key is at the consulate garage

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The evac vehicle key is in the first room on your right if you enter the embassey through the main entrance. It’s on the corner of a low table

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I can’t find the keys :frowning: Where exactly in the Consulate?


In The Office in first floor

Yes i can but now im in school

The school truck key is in the room with laptops on 1st floor.

The key for the car in consulate is in room to the right of the entrance in the consulate.

Just to prevent confusion: While there’s only one key for the civilian car, there are two keys for the army truck (one in the school, one in the consulate garage).

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If you enter the consulate through the main entrance, so that the reception desk is in front of you, there is a TV showing the news on the wall to your right. Inside the room behind the TV, you’ll find a low glass-topped table with a laptop on it. The “Consulate staff car keys” are on that table.

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If anyone still having issues with the key location, go to 10:25…

You have To escape with evacuation car”

Not true. I used the Mole-tiple choice tunnel (in garage where army truck and car is over by only room in garage, goes down ramp underground) and ended up back at the school if you head back near where you start the mission originally (when no other starting points are unlocked) there’s a gate you can leave through. It’ll be marked as a waypoint like the car exit, once you leave the consulate building.

Now if you only care about the floor it challenge and not just escaping , then yes floor it means a vehicle.

Congratulations on reading the thread title before posting.


Irony, i guess the sarcasm in my post went over your head