Florida Fit Outfit Bug (Miami Level Only)

I played Hitman 2 a few days ago and noticed that there’s some kind of bug at Agent 47’s pants. Some parts are not appearing as you can see. I think it’s the new thing after the update since I don’t remember it when I first played the game. I’m on PS4 btw. I also noticed that this bug is only happening to this Florida Fit outfit in Miami level. I asked around some players from different platforms and they are also experiencing the same problem. I also reinstalled the game to be sure but still getting the same bug. Please fix this IOI. It’s really annoying.

Noticed this on PC as well. I frankly could not abide 47 wearing shorts in Haven, so I replanned with the Florida Fit suit and the same graphical anomaly occurred as in your image. Didn’t check it on other levels.


I checked all the other levels and outfits. This is the only level and outfit that this bug happens. It’s like a common issue for all platforms. It really bugs me out since I love that outfit. I’m trying my best to reach out to the developers to notice this issue.

This happens for this outfit on all levels.


IOI really need to address this issue. I just can’t play the game in peace with some parts of favorite outfit missing.

I’m pretty sure that they’ll fix this in the next uptade.

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Looks to me like he’s missing some pieces of his leg!
But, uh, yeah… that’s super strange.

LOL… Yeah. He’s like hollow man accidently torn his pants