Flying cell phone?


I have seen a video where a breaching charge was used in conjunction with the cell phone.
In this case it was used to knock off a chandelier.
How exactly does that work?
Does it just send it flying toward it every time or is trial and error?


Dont know if this was the specific video you were talking about, but I did this quite easily here

Essentually, breaching charges when activated gives physics objects a lot of force. It is slightly trial and error since the angle of projection and amount of energy given to objects (including bodies) is absurd.
This can also be applied to coins to make bodies fly in the air


It was done in Sapienza to knock down the chandelier on Silvio but I never saw it because it was
done remotely.
Thanks, I think I understand the concept now.


I noticed in the first one that you turned the phone on first.
Was that necessary or could you have just set off the breaching charge?


I believe so, otherwise the phone isnt primed to explode.


Oh so the phone is activated, then you activate the breaching charge which launches the explosive phone at
the target. In this case the chandelier which causes it to fall.
Do I have that right now?


phone kaboom even without activating it.


No, since the phone itself is an explosive device, after you launch it with the breacher, it explodes where it impacts in the sky or above.



@introvert_ it was so funny LOL


Impact does not cause it to explode. It can not reach the sky box, let alone go above it. It explodes after a few seconds. It is time dependent. Not collision.

Indoors it will bounce around for the duration of the time it takes to explode.