Flying Dawood Rangan ran over by Train that Kills Vanya and Wazir! SA

Dawood Rangan launched from his Tower with 14 Propane Tanks and a Breach

Dawood lost a lot of Blood on those tracks, Impressive ioi! At the end you can see what happens if you set Wazir to far down the tracks, he’ll end up in that same spot everytime, ALIVE!
Also notice how Dawood is affected by 47 switching the track, I found that interesting. It put Dawood right where he needed to be!

This is how you Royally piss of your PS4


That is some shit right there… great job man :astonished::beers:


no rest for the wicked however


Hahaha EPIC setup dude :smile:

I love those Space Program kills, well done :+1:

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Thanks for the love guys. I hope @IndianAgent47 enjoys it as well! Now to reload the save “Pipe Dream” for Rangan, lol.


Lol that was amazing!! Also loved how it said ‘target lockdown’ for Vanya while she just kept sitting :joy: also loved the montage at the end! Nice work bhai!!! :+1:

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Right, that’s exactly what I thought… She must be deaf, no way she didn’t hear that train right behind her.
If she’s sitting down when the cutscene starts, it plays out that way 100% of the time.

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Fixed. :wink:

Brilliant video, I once tried to do a Kill Everyone in Marrakesh and my PS4 froze mid-axe-to-centre-of-NPC’s-forehead animation and just stayed there, like the world’s most gruesome screensaver. :rofl:

[EDIT:] I should note, this was once I’d killed every “real” NPC on the map, I was just running around killing the crowd with an axe. About a hundred or so crowd deaths in, bam! Screensaver!



It’s all here!

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Well done! Great work. :smiley: I kinda hoped Rangan gets hit by the train mid-air. But that is probably extremly hard to do.

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The camera angel that’s forced when switching the tracks can make it very hard to see Dawoods flying body. I had one clip saved where he did collide with the lead Engine midair but after review the camera angle was really bad.

The real problem comes with PS4 (non-pro). These load times are the worst, it takes me 5 seconds to see if Dawood launches correctly or not. When he doesn’t it takes almost a full minute to ge back re-loaded to try again.

That and the consistency of propane/breach explosions aren’t very good. 7/10 Dawood wouldn’t fly nearly far enough and once out of every 20 he’d fly WAY over me!


Not loading times, but my Intel creative run took 40mins each try and I can really relate to the frustration to hit the Load/Restart button again. :sweat_smile:

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Did you submit it already? :eyes:
I’ve been dying to see it!

Not yet, cutting a 40min video to 2.5min takes quite much effort. :joy: If I don’t post it the next hours it will be posted tomorrow. (midnight is soon here)

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I know this thread is dead for months but I have just seen it and I want to say it is amazing!!!Great job! @Tigh_Himes