Flying Robert Knox kills Sierra SA

Eleven propane tanks and a breach is all you need to load up Mr. Knox onto the speedboat exit from the heli pad…

So now I ponder? Could this work for for the Undying? Could the problem actually be that 47 needs to leave with his corpse to prevent his return yet again… know a good taxidermist?


I need to start doing very elaborate things now.

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A much better view, sewer exit SA

Just wow! :smiley:


Great work, couldn’t have done it any better, gg!


Thanks Urben… those words coming from a legend like you means alot :slight_smile:


This is magnificent! Subscribing just on the strength of these three clips!

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Daaamn. Good job :+1:

I’ll be waiting for more :wink:

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Savage af man…nicely done

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Not sure. I know that 47 cannot die or take any damage from a flying NPC though… I have a few funny clips of 47 catching Robert Knox. Knox’s body reacts to hitting 47 but no damage whatsoever

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It was a good kill opportunity with Dalia and Victor in Paris, but unfortunately it didn’t spread to the whole game.
Something of a bummer for me. I would like to kill some shitbags like that

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This should undoubtedly confirm that 47 can’t be touched :wink:

Forecast today, sunny with a 90% chance of scattered NPCs :wink:

Amazing, but now I have a new quest for you!

  1. Kill targets.
  2. Subdue everyone within a reasonable distance of your launch point.
  3. Drag targets and subdued NPCs to launch point.
  4. Position everyone so they’ll land in shot as you leave on the dolphin.
  5. Activate dolphin exit.
  6. Detonate explosives.
  7. Leave on dolphin as NPCs rain around you.



It’s raining men! Hallelujah


Okay I’ll give it a go, shouldn’t be too much work just have to move a few things around…

Haha, I was singing this in my head the entire time I made that clip.

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After quite a few attempts, this was one of the best… As it appears one of the flying NPCs split the dolphins 47 is riding.


Brilliant! :rofl: :rofl:


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Lol that’s crazy :joy::joy::joy:

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Recreating the original flying Knox on Xbox now.
I forgot how much fun this stuff is.
Having trouble keeping the race from ending and I’m not sure what I’m triggering to stop it???