Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode



When we released GOTY back in November '17, we announced some improvements for Contracts Mode in the release notes and introduced 11 new Complications that could be toggled on or off.

Now that the dust has settled on the implementation of those changes and that we’ve seen the impact of complications, we’d like to get some input from our players on what else you would like to see improved, changed, adjusted, updated etc in Contracts Mode specifically.

This will help us get a sense of what improvements we already have in motion and see if there are any so-called “easy-wins”, which in this context means something that is relatively easy to implement that many players request. All in all, anything in this thread will help us prioritise. Please don’t see it as a promise.

To keep the feedback focused, please stick to 3 individual points and be as clear as possible.
If you absolutely need to go into more details, please do so at the end of your post. I’ll be collecting the data and need to keep the three points as clean and clear to understand as possible.

Use this format:

My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:




Thank you!

EDIT: An additional note. I’ll keep this thread open for 2-3 weeks to give everyone a chance to reply but also to have a cut-off date that allows me to collate the feedback. I’ll update when that’s about to happen. Thanks for the comments so far.

[Fan Review & More]Dear Hitman™ Developers
How would YOU improve contracts mode?
Contracts mode expanded


Anyways, my top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  2. Disguise Changing Restriction Complications (Max 1, 2, 3, etc. disguise change)
  3. Searching for contracts created by a certain user


I had pretty much the same things in mind, here’s my list.

  1. Tagging through scope
  2. More disguise changing complications
  3. Ability to delete contracts


I’m still not entirely sold on complications tbh. They can really add something great when used by capable contract creators, but at times they seem to be added in for the sake of it at the point of publishing, with many often being pointless and at times tedious.

Might add to or change these later, however off the top of the head my top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

1. The ability to delete contracts after they’re published. While it could lead to difficulties, some kind of ability to edit briefings after publishing would also be good. We still suffer from something on Xbox where your contract details can be reset to default if you spend too long on the edit page. Rushing through briefings can lead to errors and typos, and discourages putting time or effort into contracts.

2. More sophisticated search function, and changes to ‘Trending’ + ‘Most Played this Week’. The search function is still primitive; for example, people on my friend list can ask me to play a contract, and it won’t show up if I just search friends (it will, however, be found when specific details are added). Sometimes it updates quickly, other times it can take days for them to show up. Similarly, the ‘Trending’ and ‘Most Played’ tabs don’t really work currently. They show contracts used for challenges/achievements, and the same contracts often appear in both categories. Some way to differentiate between the two tabs, and to get them to show more relevant contracts, would improve this already fun addition.

3. If we’re still looking at a good amount of time before Season Two, then the inclusion of the Patient Zero maps, plus any other viable maps currently unavailable would add some longevity, and give us something new to work with and play. Just to add to this – it’s probably too far in and would affect all previous contracts a fair bit, but adding at least one extra start location would improve and add depth to contracts played on smaller maps (like Landslide, for example).


Well here are my top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode:

  1. Limited Starting Locations
  2. Sticky weapons (pistols, rifles and or melee weapons)
  3. No agility allowed (like the one in The Kotti Paradigm)


My List:

  1. Ability to delete contracts
  2. Ability to edit the contract/ mission info afterwards
  3. Ability to tag targets through a scope

Thank you very much for this possibility to give some feedback.


I don’t know how possible all of these things are, but here they are.

  1. Be able to watch (and if needed) report someone’s else run from the leaderboards. It has been talked already about the Cheaters, but this is simply the best solution to this. I don’t know if you care about this, but the vast majority of the community does. This system has been already implemented in other games, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it’s the sole reason why there’s barely hackers there.

  2. Be able to delete contracts.

  3. Last but not least, the bonus maps from Patient Zero.

  1. Option to create contracts but not publish them (for testing purposes) and option to delete them as well.

  2. Disguise restrictions like

    • Max 1 disguise change is allowed
    • 1 disguise change is necessary
  3. Allow saves in contract mode but make it like that you won’t be able to exit if you load from saved game. Saves will be just for practice.

Also please sort featured contracts by maps. This endless scrolling is annoying if someone wants to play an old f. contract.

  1. Marking through scope
  2. Allow us to choose a melee weapon as a general requirement instead of specific. I often dont make such contracts because they force you to require either direct melee or thrown melee. I’d like to have a option where I can make, say, the combat knife a requirement but I want the decision of being melee or thrown to the player.
  3. Contracts creation on the Patient Zero levels.

Also new complication: 1 disguise change.


Only easy wins included. (I’d love, say, Execution kills on prone bodies with non-lethal melee weapons. But that requires new animation and so is a big ask.)

  1. Generic melee weapon kill requirement. (E.g. “Scissors”; doesn’t matter if thrown or used in melee.)
  2. New complications: no silenced weapons, one disguise change, predetermined entry point
  3. Additional starting locations on summer bonus episode missions.

Bonus contentious 4th:

  1. Limit of 3 complications per contract. (To reduce junk contracts.)

  1. Fixing bugged contract requirement interactions. Certain things don’t count and they need to: Certain environmental poison kills don’t satisfy generic Poison, numerous drinks like one Novikov prompt in Paris and multiple wine glasses in Landslide don’t count as Consumed Poison. Before adding any features or new maps (though I still want PZ!), do a review pass for anything that’s set incorrectly.
  2. Overhaul to the kill conditions. Leave old contracts alone with legacy requirements but include frequently-requested changes like Pistol Elimination being a subset of Pistol, greater granularity with melee (like @BernardoOne suggested, Specific Melee (Any), the ability to specify Two-Handed Melee, etc.), Specific Firearm, Non-Suppressed Firearm, Non-Accident, Destroy Body, and so forth. Multiple people have compiled very good lists, including myself and @Urben I believe. I’d be glad to dig those up for you guys if you wanted to see.
  3. Marking through scopes. Simple QoL feature, though I’m not sure how easy it is to make it work. Still, if you can pull it off it’d be immensely helpful in creating contracts, especially sniper contracts (obviously).

  1. contracts mode for PZ and HH would be a nice addition (It’s already on the other bonus maps.)
  2. ability to test/revise/delete a contract before publishing
  3. pls fix the criteria for a contract to become trending. currently any single user can make any given contract trending just by restarting it enough times. Trending should showcase contracts that are popular across the community. Not one player. Also most played and trending seem to be redundant.

  1. “Loud” weapon complication/kill condition - allows to make runs designed to be completed with unsilenced weapons.
  2. “Generic Melee weapon kill” condition - game really needs to let the player diversify his approach.

e.g. “Kill Viktor Novikov: Fire Axe” (not “thrown” or “melee”).

  1. Tagging through the scopes would be nice, yes.


Yeah I very much agree with number 1(well i agree with everything). It’s silly that drowning people on the Bangkok shrines on the upper rooms count as “any” instead of “drowning”

That and the water behind the lab, which should at the very least count as either fall or drowning.

Also yes non-supressed firearm is a must. I’d argue it should even be a full on available complication too.


Apologies if these are long winded. The gist of the suggestions are in bold.

My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Editing a saved / published contracts details, such as the title, and briefing. If changing other things like kill conditions, disguise requirements, etc. then deleting the contract might be better. Since that’d mess up the leaderboard rankings anyway.

  2. Implement a kind of ranking or grading system for playstyles. This could be either from the author of a contract, or from the community (i.e. those that have played a certain contract) to have it show details… Such as, if a contract is meant for speedrunners, or has lots headshots, or lots of disguise changes, or whatever. This could be shown with small icons or letters, and would allow a player to see at a glance what the contract might involve, and they might know if it’s something they’d be interested in playing, rather than clicking on it to see what it involves. This could also help with search results. In a way, almost like the ‘skulls’ on escalations. But with other/new icons for identifying playstyles.

  3. Tweak or change the Kill Requirement aspect. For example, if a kill requires a pistol to kill a target… As of now, this could either mean executing, OR performing a headshot. Even though both methods are with ‘a pistol’. Or take some other lethal melee item for instance, where you fail the requirement if you stabbed a target with (for example) a screwdriver, when you actually should have thrown the item. This may cause some confusion for some players, or be frustrating when you’ve used an item, just in the wrong way. Maybe have it so that the item is required (regardless of method used), or the method required (regardless of item). I hope this makes sense.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. Marking targets through a scope

  2. Contract search by “user-name” & “no complications” as addition

  3. Patience Zero (Bangkok + Sapienza) for contracts mode

Thank you!


What about making contracts in PZ itself


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

1. Add medals (like challenges, but they pop on every playthrough of a mission), and then make it possible to use these for restrictions (i.e. you have to get these medals that I got)

Shameless link to wishlist thread: "Badges" instead of rankings/titles

2. Add “Sniper Kill (Long Distance)” as a requirement so that there can be “legit” sniper contracts.

Shameless link to wishlist thread: Kill Condition: Sniper Kill (Long Distance)

3. Add the ability to restrict people to the contract creator’s loadout (including no loadout).

Edit: Changed my third since I’ve seen a lot of people suggest it.


My top 3 suggestions for improving Contracts Mode are:

  1. All search options should not only by “including” but also optionally “excluding” so you can find contracts without certain complications or without any complications or - as a bonus - with a choosen maximum number of complications or restrictions

  2. Ability to lock doors and remove items (containers, weapon crates, items, disguises) by marking them like you mark targets.

  3. Give Bonus missions (including PZ if they come) one or two more starting and smuggle points.

  4. Ban the cheaters lol

  1. Ability to chain contracts together to make custom campaigns or escalations

  2. Delete contracts

  3. Contracts in PZ and possibly HH